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Entertainment Ruins Society Essay

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Imagine a new James Bond movie just hitting theaters, and everybody rushing down to the local movie theater to see it. The movie portrays an overabundance of action-packed scenes bound to stimulate anyone’s senses. However, how does this film contribute to society? It displays the life of an undercover CIA agent who kicks butt for a living, a theme many cannot compare to. James Bond, and many other movies, do not aid society in a positive aspect, and movies only involve a small portion of entertainment-T.V. shows, music, plays, and books all count as forms of entertainment that have the capacity to ruin society. Society neglects the urgency because we all mindlessly watch, read, and listen to these forms of media without processing how they affect us as a society, and as a result, we find ourselves subliminally wanting to partake in the messages we receive via the media. Opposing viewpoints concede that entertainment does not have the potential to ruin society, and often blame those surrounding them for the downfall of society. Ultimately, entertainment, in every form, encompasses the ability to obliterate society because it displays unrealistic lifestyles, influences younger audiences to engage in risky activities, and makes viewers unintelligent.
A universal theme seen throughout entertainment illustrates unattainable lifestyles. Entertainment shows lavish housing with equally extravagant furnishing, expensive cars, and inaccessible opportunities and situations for a majority of people. On MTV, runs a show called “AWKWARD.” It expresses the life of a girl who lacks a prominent stance within the social hierarchy of high school-a loser. As the show progresses, she establishes relationships with three of the hottest guys who attend her school, loses her virginity, loses her closest friends, becomes friends with them again, parties all night, gets kicked out of her parents’ house, forced to pay rent in order to stay living in her parents’ house, and causes her high school counselor to get fired; every event happens before her seventeenth birthday. Although many of today’s teens engage in erratic behavior, this T.V. show blows teenage behavior out of proportion. It causes many, mostly female teens, to yearn for similar situations in their lives. The exhibition of such a lifestyle destroys their expectations on how the real world functions versus a realm only displayed on screens and pages. However, fictionalized lifestyles are not limited to only romance; they also include the “glamorous” way of life most dream to live. Middle class citizens make up more of the American society. When these middleclass citizens see celebrities and athletes living within a stress-free, superb life, they question why their material goods do not match up to the luxuriousness of the rich; seeing this impacts their way of thinking and leaves them full of awe. As a result, many begin to act out in unethical ways to fulfill the “gap” in their lives. The Bling Ring, or...

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