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Entire Strategy For Hih Tech In New Zealand Include Business Model, Risk Assessment And Market Strategy

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1.0 EXECUTIVE SUMMARYHIH Tech will be a computer products retailer on-line as its primary product at the target market -PC consumers. Customer can buy or browse our products 24 hours a day 7days a week from all over the Nation at comforts of their home.Bear in mind that the company mission is to provide the 3R's, Reliable services and Reputable products at Realistic prices to create a future that benefits our customers. From the mission the company in tends to become top 50 retailers within 3 years time by the same time increasing 15% of their revenue.Before having the business commence on the web, the company should have a specific business model to follow up. This can prevent the company out of their mission and at least having a particular way for doing their business. Models suite the company such as E-shop and Affiliate Model.Business is like a war. Better identify competitors advantage is more important before having the business keep going. HIH Tech Limited planning to have their business online but the major competitors were "QMB computers", "Student sale" and "DJ Computers". Using SWOT analysis to identify those three competitor's strengths and weaknesses cannot be oversight. After analyzed and found out that QMB computers company is the strongest company having strengths more than the other two companies.Finally, having variety of e-market strategy is the main part of the report for doing the business online. How to promote the web site, entice customers visit back again and again and using web site for sales and customer services are the major issue on this strategy planning report.2.0 BUSINESS CONCEPTComputer retailing business is growing every year and consequently a lot of computer retailer shops have been set up and operate for a recent decade. Nowadays the Internet is the quickest and easiest way to purchase a product.2.1 Mission StatementWe provide the 3R's, Reliable services, Reputable products at Realistic prices to create a future that benefits our customers.2.2 Business GoalCreate a web site that contains full of useful information and secure payment system.Create a customer support system, which will be available for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.We choose the best products in each price range to suit customer's budget.We committed to providing market leading and potential brands of computer parts at lowest prices.Promote the fast service and fast delivery to speed up business processes.We will play an important part in PC components retailer of New Zealand with good reputation.We will cater to the needs of the customer by providing a complete solution for all their needs2.3 Products (Value being offered)Main products to be sold through the computer business will be computer parts and accessories, software, digital cameras and relative products. Also, providing technical support, after-sale customer service, upgrades and repairs.2.4 Product Description (How the products fulfill the needs of our customer)HardwareWe offer wide...

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