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Do Teenagers And Young Adults Of Today Beleive They Are Entitled To Everything In Life?

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Do teenagers and young adults of today believe they are entitled to everything in life?
Young adults and teens have little to no boundaries in this day and age. The parents and society, Social Media, all have played a huge role in yesterdays and today’s Entitled Generation.
Most older generations of people often feel that the current generation is much different than their own. Blame is placed on the current generation for bad behavior and violence and self serving attitudes. The times do change with each generation. However, so does society’s acceptance, technology, social media, educational requirements, social norms and expectations. Our behavior as a member of society or a parent actually dictates how a child will grow up and what influences and boundaries the child will be raised with. Society and parents are to blame for the Entitled Generation of both yesterday and today. Overindulgence giving the awards for “jobs well done” when the job was not completed.
The generation of twenty years ago would say you have to work for what you want and use discipline for out of control teenagers and young adults. A teenager had to work for his/her car. When you came home from school you had to complete your homework and get your chores done. According to Generation Me, it states; Previous generations have a sense of duty and would often do what they were told without asking why. (Generation Me, 404) It cannot be said young adults are like that now. The young adults of todays want’s to know why they are doing it and what’s it for. The teenager’s of today are going home and playing on the internet or gaming online with little to no effort placed on homework. The majority of parents tend to over compensate for their own past and present mistakes. They are buying their children or child whatever he/she asks for with no due diligence from the child. Expectation and demand are widely viewed from the teens to parents and society. The parent is ultimately giving what they lacked or did not receive as a child. As stated in the Generation Gap the author believes there should be parental involvement and education reform. Parents do not set boundaries with their children as past generations have. It is clear society does not tolerate a parental public display of disciplining a child. Children and young adults are encouraged to turn their parents into the law if they are believed to be abused. Society has allowed the government into our homes and dictate how our relationship will be with your children. According to Parenting Today’s Teens, disciplining your child is not an easy task, she needs you to do it. If you don’t discipline her, who will? And that is a good question, if the parent does not discipline the child, you could possibly end up with a young adult with no respect for others and no boundaries.
The parents aren’t the only ones to blame with how the children of today have become, we have to place blame across several generations. The change may have...

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