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Entrance Of The War Essay

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The axis powers during the early war period of World War 2 had an excessive dominance in the European Area and the Pacific Area. Most of the European empire was dominated by the German forces, while the Japanese had both dominated china, the Indochina area, and the various islands across the pacific. At the time of the war, everyone thought the axis powers would win. But what was the road taken too this success?
There were but many influences on Germany's Success of taking over the European Area. What catches my eye most often about the Germans advancement in Europe was the fact that not really much was said or accomplished on Germany on there advances. This ultimately gave Germany the mindset that they can absolutely do anything without any dire consequences. Germany though used very aggressive tactics to take over Europe and it payed off well. The Germany navy, under the Command of Admiral Raeder, captured Sweden due to Trondheim and Narvik, both very important shipping ports for Germany. Narvik had a very useful rail system used to transport Iron from Sweden to Germany. Vidkun Quisling, a very sympathetic main to national socialism, eased Norway into surrendering to the Germans. The Netherlands, after the bombing of Rotterdam, surrendered 5 days after. Germanys main advancement of France began with the travel through the Ardenne Forest. General Maurice Gamelin believe the German forces couldn't reach this due to it being terrible terrain and heavily forested, so he stayed behind his so called Magino Line. Germany easily breaks through head towards Dunkirk. General Gerd Von Rundstedt was ordered to use the German Air force to kill any people on or near the beach location. Ships were sent out too rescue what was left of the People and sent to england. Marshal Petain became the Next prime minister of France and begs for an agreement. Germany agrees saying it must be done where they signed there during World War 1. This then creates what was known as Vichy France, a free area of france run by Petain in which anything the Germans ask they must do. The sad thing about this is, The Allied powers did little to nothing about this. This really gave me the reason why i thought germany made such a quick and simple take over of The European area.
The japanese had a tough time trying to eventually take over most of the China area. With this in mind the Japanese Decided to Attacke the Philippine Islands due to it being a base of operation for the japanese to attack the Indochina area. At the the time, General Douglas MacArthur had command of the area. When tensions began building with the Japanese, Douglas set up a area of protection along the coastline using submarines and b17's. The philippino natives there we untrained for...

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