“Entranced By Infinite Change” Essay

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What is the reason for continuing on after Gatsby has lived by his semi-immoral lifestyle, after the one he loved and the ultimate reason for continuing on in life and the soul purpose for everything he has ever achieved and accomplished, is now gone? Just knowing that they’re still there and just not able to reach out to him or want, to reach out to him is pain enough. All of the wealth Gatsby has accumulated over the years by doing immoral, socially complex tasks is now for nothing. Not to mention, he’s dead. Killed by a man who wrongly accused this man for sleeping with his wife, walked up to him on his own property-which Gatsby has generously shared with the community-shoots Gatsby, ...view middle of the document...

He took the apprenticeship he had after the war and ran with it. He needed the money to get her back so they could be together. It was too late, and on the night of their wedding she had received the letter from Gatsby wanting her back. Gatsby had already lost her. Now he’s losing her again, with his money the only reminder and driving force for his obsession with Daisy.
Gatsby’s money is tied up in all of his parties and his elaborate scheme to win Daisy back. With all of these parties he’s throwing one would think, “Doesn’t he get tired of all of the people always in his home and invading his privacy 24/7?” The answer is yes and no. Gatsby wants to entice the locals into his home. Gatsby intentionally moved to East Egg because he knew Daisy is living across the channel on West Egg with her husband Tom. One can only resist the extravagant parties he throws for so long. His major goal was to draw in Daisy to see his extravagantly decorated house of glory, bought just for her and her pleasure. An idol built just for her. As said by the great Aristotle Onassis- “If women didn't exist, all the money in the world would have no meaning.” The only way she actually acknowledged his love for her being remotely adequate for her beauty and stature-and her standards- was after seeing his lavishly tailored shirts from over seas. Now that he had her reeled in too him, he had to grab on and keep her from being caught up by her husband Tom, again.
The main, and perhaps the only reason she married this horrible, abusive man, Tom, was for his wealth. Tom drew other woman in and took advantage of them with his excessive amounts of money. He had many affairs, even when Daisy was pregnant with their only child! The man broke the nose of the woman he was having an affair with, Myrtle Wilson, just for an argument over the right to say his wife’s name. Myrtle wanted out of her life as a lower class woman with a husband she didn’t love,...

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