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Entrepreneurship A Paradigm Essay

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"Boldness in the business is first, second and third thing"


The word entrepreneur is derived from the French word ENTREPRENDRE, which means `to do something'. For me entrepreneurship is an innovative way of managing opportunities. It is the process of creating something new value by devoting the required time and effort to gain economic independence, rewards and achieving satisfaction. In simple words it is a process creating employment for self as well as for the others. For me entrepreneurship is a feeling or driving force which produces a spark for the execution of the newly generated ideas and mobilizing human, financial and physical resources for establishment of an enterprise and creating employment for others. Entrepreneurship is concerned with managing an utterly new garden in which the blossoms take birth in the form of new ideas simply called as garden of innovation. Entrepreneurship is a kind of sensation and strong urge to take risk or show courage to do something extraordinary. This urge takes the person from the crowd to such a height that people start idealizing him as their role model.

In other word entrepreneur ship is a respond to inner urge by bridging up the gap between inner environment and outer environment and take persuasive effort to exploit the opportunities of outer field with the inner courageous effort to give satisfaction to the life and improve the quality of life of oneself as well as of others, contributing to the economic growth of the whole country & improving the position of the country in global economic competitive environment. Globally accepted concept of entrepreneurship is typically a child of capitalism, particularly industrial capitalism. As time to time the changes in technology is mandatory for maintaining the efficiency of an industry so as the entrepreneur ship also falls on the search of changes for the betterment of lives of oneself and others....

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