Entrepreneurship The 8th Wonder Essay

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According to Father of Search engine, what it defines Entrepreneurship as “process of identifying and starting a business venture, sourcing and organizing the required resources and taking both the risks and rewards associated with the venture”.
In my perspective, it is an experimentation of new ideas rather than plagiarizing others view. In my terms, it is best described like:
 Being comfortable in taking an unconventional path.
 Imagining the unimaginable ideation.
 Understanding the negative aspects rather working on the already improved sides.
 When others decline, you must accept.
 Looking for opportunities, where others see loss.
 Looking out for alternate ideas, where others lament for the present failure.
 Finally it is an awesome thing, where others consider as a burden.
When speaking of this, one thing always scratches my left side is that the budding entrepreneurs and their ideation of entering into the market. Though their plan has nothing to do with their success ratio, but still taking forward and approaching others will be the key aspects. Example: I recently had a discussion with one of the young entrepreneur who is entering in to the side of E Portal. What was impressed is not his Business Plan or his future vision, it is the idea of entering into the field where there is enough scope for competitors, but still getting into it and try out his own innovation was quite an engaging aspect. As he said further, it is not just giving out the statement like, “I want to become an entrepreneur & I will earn loads of money”, it is a divine kind of thing where people needs to realize the satisfaction & anticipation running behind it.
I ve seen a person who boasted himself saying I ll become an entrepreneur by starting a diary business soon, catch up customers, sell the dairy products and all those blah blah stuffs. I didn’t even understood why he said this like campaigning in an election. Later realized, he was trying to attract the girls who were there behind us. This realization doesn’t even approached my mind, once when I saw him recently, he...

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