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Entrepreneurship Written Project Essay

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The Jackson metropolitan area is a very soccer-oriented area in the state of Mississippi. The addition of a soccer dome would greatly benefit Jackson because of its several useful aspects. A soccer dome in this area would allow access to an indoor soccer facility when outdoor fields are not available. An indoor soccer facility provides many benefits, and a successful soccer dome can be difficult to produce but will really be appreciated. One soccer dome that has enriched its community is Sky Blue Soccer Dome of Richland, MS. Sky Blue Soccer Dome provides soccer skill training, individual soccer lessons, indoor soccer leagues, speed and agility training, strength and speed training, and also a kids fun zone. Tom Cosgrave, a sole proprietor, is the founder of this facility. A personal interview was conducted with Tom to provide information with his business plan, his start-up costs, and his personal background that makes him qualified to own and operate such a facility. Various online websites were studied thoroughly, which provided information on rates of soccer, business start-up plans, manager skills, and traits of a successful soccer coach. Several different authors’ websites and articles were used including K.A. Francis, Terry Masters, Benjamin Pheasant, Mark Sheldon, James Stephenson, Adam Toren, and Tony Waiters. Francis and Masters were used for information on start-up business steps and setting up a proprietorship. Pheasant and Sheldon provided information on soccer rates in the U.S. and defined soccer as a lifetime sport. Stephenson and Waiters were used for defining characteristics of a successful entrepreneur and coach. Toren was used to give details on each business entity and how each type has different benefits. Some of the advisors that is included in on supplying information were Dre’ Helms, Tom Cosgrave, and...

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1679 words - 7 pages and need to succeed […], or can they be created through education, experience and mentorship?” (Daley 2013, p. 65). Evidently, this deep-seated debate over whether successful entrepreneurship stems from nature or nurture has resulted in a division of sentiment. One of which hails from the notion of Professor James V. Koch suggesting, entrepreneurs are born “with a specific set of genes and characteristics” (Vennare 2014). As Koch puts it

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1481 words - 6 pages /wiki/CommunicationEckes G. (2002). The Elusive Key to Project Success, Six Sigma Team Dynamics.Retrieved December 12, 2006, from Relations. (2005). Retrieved December 12, 2006, from, M.D; Pearson, A.W. (2005, May). An Exploratory Comparison of the Behavioral Dynamics of top Management Teams in Family and Nonfamily New Ventures: Cohesion, Conflict, Potency, and Consensus. Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, 29(3), 267-284Lembach, M. (2005, May). Common Denominators, a Discussion on the Dynamics of Teamwork. Business Date, 13(2), 1-4.

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6224 words - 25 pages for Master?s Degree) Await written reply: approx 4 weeks 6. Corrected dissertation following examination (for Lynette) Await written reply: approx 10 daysGive fax number for results (Guildford students only): 7. Resubmission following initial examination (for Lynette) Await written reply: approx 4 weeks For office use: DATE RECEIVED AT RECEPTION DATE RETURNED BY LECTURER COPY TO STUDENT FILE DISSERTATION AND PROJECT ADVICE BEFORE YOU START 1. If

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1986 words - 8 pages -corruption. The Compact is an initiative by the UN, which the company signed voluntarily and pledged to in 2009 , specifically outlining the broader development goals of the UN Millennium Development Goals in their participation letter to the UN. Along with this written commitment, the company displays these principles by providing a healthy balance between work and leisure as evidenced by offering flexible working hours, by providing affordable

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1526 words - 7 pages to see problem and issues in one “big picture” means that the issues being analyze outside from any biased perception and local view Executive 6 Influencing others Ability to persuade other to gain support for ideas, solution, proposal and project Executive 7 Interpersonal skills Defined as the skill to understand and communicate positively with other coworker. Core (used and being applied to all leadership level) 8 Organizational awareness

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