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Entrepreuner Born Or Made? Essay

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The term ‘profit’ that Hussain earned when he changed from one to another business is the result of success as he willing to take chances and risks. He started from zero and his innovative minds be the ladder of success to him. He had faced a lot of challenge that make him became a successful entrepreneur nowadays. We can see the ‘profit’ that Hussain gained from his small business as chocolate’s hawker to become an entrepreneur is started with his first petty step. He started the business with selling chocolate at the market for the beginning of his business is because he wants to help his family.

As the bread earner replaced his illness father, he must search income to support basic needs ...view middle of the document...

By helping his teacher to get a cheaper price for the gift in his neighbourhood, it gave him a new idea of selling products such as gifts in his shop. From this, he earned ‘profit’ not merely on selling books but also became a supplier for product of all the school needs. Eventually, he needs a larger space in doing his business. He found an alternative to get extra money by signing a contract with his uncle to invest the plot for 10 years in return of receiving the plot with the ‘built store’ after ten years. Through this deal, Hussain was exempted from paying rent for ten years. These dreams were shattered upon his shop on fire. However, he remained positive and further his studies. Upon finished his studies, he noted there were several hardship in his shop. Hence, he decided to sell the shop. Due to the bookshop’s good reputation in the market, Hussain managed to sell it at a high price. Hussain used this ‘profit’ to establish a new company for office supplier near to the bookshop.On the other hand, his ex-shop was closed by the bookshop buyer. As he liked serving the education field he leased the ex-bookshop location but this time at a lower rent .He reopened the bookshop again but with an innovative way where he provided all the educational products required by the individuals.He closed the new office and relocated an office inside the bookshop for serving the wholesale orders only, and the bookshop served the individual customers as well. By doing this he earned extra ‘profit’. This action served both types of customers.

As time goes by, Hussain improved his bookshop by installing a computer with Windows95, which solved all technical problems including to...

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