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Entry Essay For Lsuhsc School Of Nursing

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When I graduated high school, I really gave a lot of thought about what I wanted to do with my future and who I wanted to be. During this time, I read that psychologist often suggest people revisit the activities they enjoyed as a child. They claim that children spend their time participating in activities that bring them the greatest delight. Children do not think about salaries and retirement plans, they simply do what makes them happiest. This made me think back to how I spent my childhood and what I did in those years solely for the sake of it bringing me joy. That is when I realized that care giving and nurturing has been a part of my happiness since I was a child. Whenever a family member or friend was injured or ill, I would be the first in line to administer a Band-Aid or bring them soup in bed. When I was blessed enough to have everyone in my life be in good health, I would find an outlet for care giving in my stuffed animals. I would come up with fictional illness and ailments and find a way to care for them; whether it was constructing a tourniquet out of my hair ribbons, a cast out of duct tape or an oxygen mask out of sand which bags. When I allowed my imagination to run wild, I always found my greatest joy in nurturing. As I grew older I gave up my imaginary patients, but I never lost the happiness I felt when caring for another person.
When I entered college at LSU, in the fall of 2009, I was undecided in my major. I did this purposefully because I wanted to give myself the opportunity to have one full year to try out a variety of classes and truly allow myself to find my passion. It was during my second semester at LSU that I took KIN 2500, a human anatomy course, and felt the feeling I had been hoping I would feel during that first year: excitement and a need to learn more. From then on I knew health science was without question my passion and what made me the most eager to learn. That spring, I declared my major as Kinesiology with a concentration in Human Movement Sciences. Over the past four years I have spent my academic career at LSU studying as much as I could about the human body; from the required kinesiology and biology courses, to my electives in psychology and forensic anthropology. Now, as I near my graduation from LSU and soon gain a Bachelor of Science in...

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