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My life took a turn in 2008 when I became a caregiver for my grandfather who was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer. Then my mother was diagnosed in 2010 with stage four pancreatic cancer. I started my research in 2008 on possible alternatives that both my grandfather and mother could apply to their protocol and potentially relief some discomfort. I modified my dietary lifestyle in 2008 to not only become the best caregiver but to improve my health. I have and continue to notice many positive physical, mental and emotional changes since 2008. Visiting hospitals almost in a daily basis for approximately three consecutive years has changed my perspective in life and my career path.
I depended on my energy levels and mind clarity to be the best caregiver for my family. This is when I realized that my dietary lifestyle was working against me. I noticed positive changes and continued my research while care giving. I also implemented dietary changes to both my grandfather and mother. I began juicing and eliminating animal products in their meals. This helped their terrible constipation while taking strong medication and undergoing chemotherapy. Constipation had become one of the worst daily discomforts which lead them to stop consuming daily meals and decreased their quality of life. After implementing changes their constipation improved and became opened to other possibilities.
There were challenges during numerous meetings with oncologist. I always had several questions about their protocol, diets and supplements. Their main focus was optimal immune system to administer chemotherapy. I believe that supplements and eliminating mucus forming foods could help them during chemotherapy. Most oncologist disagreed and therefore lead my family to ignore my suggestions. These frustrating moments did not stop me from researching and come back with studies to provide better proof to my suggestions. My first interaction with a Naturopath doctor was at Cancer Treatment Centers of America. In this hospital they incorporate alternative medication to chemotherapy. They prescribed supplements such as curcumin (decreases inflammation), probiotics (good bacteria for colon), vitamin B6 (helps with foot and hand peeling from chemo), melatonin (helps with immune system) which lead my family to have improvements in their overall well being during chemotherapy.
I have been able to improve my skin, colon, bone fracture, energy, mental clarity, mental focus, and more importantly better sleep. Without these improvements I would have not been able to care give the way I did. Care giving is a job that requires optimal physical, mental and emotional abilities during a twenty-four day period. My only option was to become the best not only for me but for those I cared for. My research and personal experiences have given me the believe that I am able and capable to help patients. I am excited to learn and implement modalities to everyone who is in need. I am confident that...

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