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How could this possibly have happened? It clearly wasn’t my fault. Did I really deserve it? Why couldn’t they have picked someone else? Why me? I’m getting ahead of myself; let’s backtrack a couple of days.
“Come back to work on Monday and I will explain everything”, that’s all I got from a text by my boss. It was cryptic to me, but I took it as the worst. I assumed I was getting “demoted” to another department, the clear candidate being grocery. Is that really a possibility? Did they really decide that without my input? I had to wait a weekend to find out; I was stuck in Pennsylvania for a family field trip in Hershey Park. Suffice to say it, that text ruined what fun I was having during my short-lived vacation.
What fun it was being told what I dreaded to hear for the past few days, it turned out they did decide to move me from produce to grocery. I was trained in the art of cleaning the bottle recycling station at lightning speed, particular ...view middle of the document...

Being left in the dark didn’t help anything either. I didn’t know why I was transferred, so I made assumptions, a dangerous thing, for the mind tends to think of the worst, at least mine does. I felt it was because of my work ethic, or because of my boss not liking me for reasons out of my control, or even for the time off for Hershey Park.
For a week, I felt like a failure, not in the conventional sense of the word, but in the way that I let myself down. How could they even think of, let alone act upon it, transferring me while there were two alternative candidates? I clearly wasn’t good enough to work in produce; I was, in my mind, worthless. How could working a minimum wage job affect me so much?
Nothing made sense and I didn’t know how to act, so I went to my mom. Her advice was to wait it out, nothing seems good at first, only time will reveal the right course of action. This small tidbit of all the wise words she’s ever said still stuck with me to this day.
So I waited… And waited… And waited… and then it dawned on me.
You won’t like everything thrown at you; you just have to make the best of a curve ball. I started associating pushing carts in the summer heat (as my exercise that was dearly needed)(as my path to a six-pack, a goal that evidently didn’t happen). Time felt to go by faster in the grocery department, making work even easier and even less demanding. The bosses finally started acknowledging me; I became one of them.
Even though I was transferred back within a week, I kept the lessons I learned (it wasn’t all for naught). I reflected on what I did during my stay. My reluctance to talk with my old boss was an issue that could have easily solved multiple issues. I saw the employees as people who were working harder than I ever was to provide for someone. I got to know Pauly, an employee for 13 years not even making living wage, and for me to complain was despicable. My judgment on people who recycled bottles was unwarranted, I didn’t even know them and had no idea who they were and what they’re like. I looked back at myself and saw someone who was judgmental, unappreciative, and over-sensitive.
(Sometimes the seemingly unimportant events in life leave the biggest impression.)

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