Enviromental Factors Affecting Birds Essay

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Of the vertebrates, birds of the class Aves are the most noticeable, the most melodious and the most beautiful. Birds with more than nine thousand species far put number other vertebrate groups except fishes” . (Hickman P.C Jr , et.al pg 582). Birds are the only vertebrates that have feathers and forelimbs modified for flight although many species do not use their wing for flight. Birds can be found all over the world including Guyana. There are many factors affecting birds in Guyana.
Deforestation is one of the factors affecting birds on Guyana. “Deforestation is the clearance of forest by logging and or burning”. (http://wikipedia.org/wiki/Deforestation) .In Guyana There are many causes of deforestation and all these causes such as logging, mining and slash and burn for agricultural porpoises which can cause forest fires and the building of homes, have affected birds one way or another that live in or around these areas that once had pristine forest, by destroying their habitats. Deforestation affects the birds’ ability to find nesting sites, materials needed to build these nest, its ability to find mates to produce the next generation, food to feed themselves and their young. One of the birds affects is the Harpy eagle and there are many others such as wood peckers.
Another factor affecting birds are pesticides. Although many pesticides that have harmful effects on birds have been banned in other countries, these pesticides are still use in Guyana because they are inexpensive. These pesticides include insecticides, rodenticides and herbicides. These pesticides that are harmful to birds are fat soluble and long lasting (stay in the environment for long periods of time) and have the ability to biomagnify that is the pesticide is stored in the fat tissues of an organism, when this organism is eaten by another organism the pesticide from the fat tissue is transferred to this organism fat tissues and the higher up on the food chain the bird is the more pesticide is store in its fat tissues, which cause pesticide poisoning during times of limited food when the bird uses its fats stores, pesticides do not only cause pesticide poisoning, many herbicides when used destroy the bird’s habitat and further exposure to pesticides cause “ loss of appetite ,lower egg production, feminization of embryos, lack of parental care ,changes inactivity levels, and increased susceptibility to predation." (Drisdelle R, Birds and Pesticides, 2007) Many of the birds susceptible to pesticide poisoning are the birds if pray for example Plumbeous Kite, Grey-headed Kite ,White Hawk ,Black-faced Hawk ,Crested Eagle, Osprey ,Snail Kite, Ornate, Hawk-Eagle, Black Hawk-Eagle, Black-and-white Hawk-Eagle ,Orange-breasted Falcon, Aplomado Falcon ,Peregrine Falcon, Bat Falcon ,Laughing Falcon, Lined Forest-Falcon, Slaty-backed Forest-Falcon ,Barred Forest-Falcon, Collared Forest-Falcon and many water birds.
Water pollution is another factor that affects birds in Guyana....

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