Enviromental Management Authority Of Trinidad And Tobago.

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What are the functions of the Environmental Management Authority (EMA)? According to Environmental Management Act, of 2000, Act 16, article 1 and 2and I quote "16. (1) The general function of the Authority are to;(a) Make recommendations for a National Environmental Policy;(b) Develop and implement policies and programmes for the effective management and wise use of the environment, consistent with the objects of this Act;(c) Co-ordinate environmental management functions performed by person in Trinidad and Tobago;(d) Make recommendations for the rationalisation of all government entities performing environmental functions;(e) Promote educational and public awareness programmes on the environment;(f) Develop and establish national environmental standards and criteria;(g) Monitor compliance with the standards criteria and programmes relating to the environment;(h) Take all appropriate actions for the prevention and control of pollution and conservation of the environment;(i) Establish and co-ordinate institutional linkages locally, regionally and internationally;(j) Perform such other functions as are prescribed; and(k) Undertake anything identical or conductive to the performance of the foregoing functions.(2) In performing its functions, the Authority shall facilitate co-operation among persons and manage the environment in a manner which fosters participation and promotes consensus, including the encouragement and use of appropriate means to avoid or expeditiously resolve disputes through mechanism for alternative dispute resolution." End of quote.What limitations exist concerning these functions? There are many limitations facing the E.M.A, for example a lack of funds, the Environmental Management Authority depends on international organisations and NGO's for funding example World Health Organization (WHO) and United Nations (U.N), since the government of Trinidad and Tobago does not meet all the financial needs. Money is need for everything. For a simple pen and paper to take notes on, money is needed, the point I am trying to make is for every single activity that the Environmental Management Authority seeks to carry out, money is needed, regardless of how small it is. Even thought the funds are accessible to the E.M.A the mere fact that it may not available in a timely manner negatively affects there ability to carry out and organise plans.Enforcement, this is another major problem. Without a strong and decisive means of enforcing their laws and their policies the E.M.A may consider it self not existent. It's like having Courts, Magistrates and laws but no police officers. Who will bring the criminals to justice? As ever so prominent in Trinidad and Tobago, all the effort goes in to the law making and none into the enforcement when the effort must be equal spilt. If the E.M.A is to become an effective mechanism for the protecting the environment it must first become an effective mechanism of enforcing its laws and policies.Lack of skilled...

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