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The proverb in China is” When spider webs unite, they can tie up a lion.” Teamwork is the best way to succeed. Government as spider builds up their social network between national and international. In fact, the cooperation with the international environmental pollution protection is necessary. In addition, citizens and companies as silks make the society development stronger. The government is the leader in the community to lead citizens that they can be sustainable development. Government should take more responsibility for environmental pollution than individuals and companies.

Government regulations can control locations that companies choose to build industries. In fact, companies focus on their interest that they gain. “The policy of environmental protection has disadvantage of companies that impact company’s development and interest to gain for their own company, also the completion with the other company. It is no benefit for the company.” (Rauscher). Therefore, Companies have argument with the government. The solution of government should be equal the development between company and environment. To begin with, government should be limit location for them to build the factory to avoid that companies exhausted pollution from their industry. For example, the location of industry should not build near river, but it can be far from city to countryside. Even though they are far from the city, they still have place to build their industries to make products and extend their works and protect the environment at the same time.

The government should be connecting with the other counties to build up international cooperation relationship. In China, the government pays attention on sustainable development of environmental protection and cooperates with the other countries. In 2001, China becomes a full member of the WTO. Also, China becomes one of the members of The Rio Conference with the other countries to cooperate that they protect the international environment and focus on sustainable development that they will contact each other to manage the community. (Review and challenges of policies of environmental protection and sustainable development in China) Therefore, governments are representing their own countries to cooperate with others. Thus,...

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