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What if there was a sign that contained the words “Earth Maximum Capacity Ten Billion”. Banquets are planned in accordance to available space and sources. When planners are hired to coordinate an event their expected to have an understanding of the limits with seating and sources available to know how many individuals could potentially occupy a space as well as enough resources. This helps to control the number of guest allotted at a function. Earth is very similar to a banquet hall it only presents an environment that is restricted with resources and room. But concepts such as overpopulation, consumption overpopulation, and degradation of resources escape the human views of ...view middle of the document...

The slow evolutionary process occurring within the environment happens when the capability to adapt through innovation falls short to allow enough time.
Hardin’s theory from the article Hardin revisited, “A Critical Look at the Perception and the Logic of the Commons in Human Ecology Magazine states that the resource degradation linked with common consumption in urban areas is to bring commons propose risk awareness with resource users. Commons considered resources such as food, water, and land which are communal of common users. The adaptive behavior is collectively designed to protect the resources because logic of common consumption in the individuals within the cluster know and perceive the risk of over consumption in the environment. When the perception is unclear and misunderstood of environmental risk, tragedy strikes with the commons of an individual causing behavior of pollutants and demolishes common resources communally within the group.
Hardin’s theory is flawed according to Burke (2001) he disputes the minimal attention given to resource degradation as well as over consumption. The initial idea is philosophical beliefs hinder realistic risk views; “humans cannot harm the resource base” (p.449). The following premise is risk obscures awareness of an individual’s actual risk and complexity of environmental concerns. Burke in the end believes in raising environmental risk awareness through the call of “education and consensus building” (p.472).
Humans approach resource consumption through environmental risk perceptions comprising loss aversion, framing effects, availability heuristic along with unrealistic optimism help in discussing the manner. Resource overconsumption, consumption overpopulation, and resources degradation is approached by Pratarelli and Chiarelli (2007) from the loss aversion stance. Despite the long-term and evolutionary aspects technology is the shock absorber for avoiding instantaneous loss. On the contrary, Burke advances the aspect of environmental risk views from two theories, which are availability heuristic and unrealistic optimism. The idea of unrealistic optimism happens as people develop opinions that humans cannot hurt resource base or create degradation of resources within consumption overpopulation. Availability heuristic can be put in relatable terms connecting with experiences that apply to the incapability for a person to break the complexity of...

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