Environment And Climate Change Essay

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Sokhna Mbacke
Essay 1: Climate change #Draft1

Climate Change

By definition, climate change refers to all variations of the statistical average in weather
conditions over an extended period ranging from decades or longer. Over the 4 billion years of
existence, the Earth’s climate has changed many times caused by natural factors; However
during the last century, human activity has been the principal cause of climate change. In other
words, according to scientists’ researches climate change is a natural phenomenon that has
occurred in the past as well as an event made worse by recent human activity. There are many
natural causes of climate change, the more common are continental drift, volcanic eruptions,
and the melting of the glaciers. In addition to these causes, climate change has also many
man-made causes such as the emission of greenhouse gases, deforestation, pollution, use of
chemical fertilizers, burning of fossil fuels. All these causes have almost the same consequences
that are the increase of the earth’s temperature, extreme weather, and the rise of the sea level.

According to scientist Alfred Wegener, it was a time when all the Earth’s continents
have been joined together into one continent. This phenomenon occurred 250 million years
ago and it is named Pangaea. Since that time, they have been drifting apart to become the
continents we know today. This drift had an effect on the Earth’s climate and even continues
today; in fact, it changed the flow of the winds and oceans’ currents and it also enhanced the
tectonic activity and increased the level of carbon dioxide released on the atmosphere because
a large amount of carbon dioxide is released when the continents drift; Moreover, scientists
have for many years noticed a connection between large explosive volcanic eruptions and
short-term climatic change. When a volcanic eruption happens, it releases large amounts of
sulfur dioxide, water vapor, dust and ash in the atmosphere. These substances can stay in the
atmosphere for several years and they can reduced the amount of solar radiations that reach
the earth, and lower the temperature in the lower levels of the atmosphere. Also during the
last 50 years, glaciers all over the world have started to melt and it causes the rise of the sea
level by adding more water into the oceans.

Furthermore, human activity has been the first cause of climate change in the last
century; indeed, since the industrial revolution, human activities have widely influenced the
climate system. Humans’ activities release gases known as greenhouse gases into the
atmosphere. These gases contribute to climate change by increasing the natural greenhouse
effect which is the...

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