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Environment And Sustainability Essay

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Table of ContentsAbstract3Environmental Challenges for the Next Century from Urban Pollution to Global Change 4Sustainable Development4Local vs. Global Concerns5Global Environmental Issues5Urban and Regional Air Pollution5Equity and Environmental Protection6Integrated Solutions to Local and Global Environmental Issues6Information and Community Involvement6Education and Development of Human Resources7Investment in Research & Development7Case Study - Hong Kong's Environment: From Pollution Control to Sustainability7Case Study - Increasing World Demand for Primary Aluminium in the Current Decade: A Burden for Environment?10References15 ABSTRACTCare for the environment is often portrayed as detrimental to economic growth. For too long economics and environment have seemed like players on rival teams. There is a long-standing debate on the relationship between economic development and environmental quality. Sustainable development emphasizes the need for integration of economics and environment, as well as promoting intra and intergenerational equity. From a sustainable development viewpoint there has been a growing concern that the economic expansion of the world economy will cause irreparable damage to our planet. In the last few years several studies have appeared dealing with the relationship between the scale of economic activity and the level of pollution.In this report, 2 case studies are explained. First case study is based on Hong Kong's environment and its sustainability. In this, past and present environment of Hong Kong is explained and the environment protection and its sustainability are explained in detail. Second case study is of the effects on environment due to increasing demand of primary aluminium in current decade. In this the impact of growing demand for primary aluminium on emissions of greenhouse gases in the current decade is been explained.Environmental Challenges for the Next Century from Urban Pollution to Global ChangeHuman beings started altering the surface of the planet a long time ago, at least since they began to establish settled communities and developed an agriculture that required ploughing, irrigation and the clearing of forests. However, it is only in the past few decades that we have come to recognize the global nature of the impact of human activity on the environment. Of course, it is also in this century that there has been enormous technological progress and economic growth in many parts of the world. The quality of life has increased in many ways - for example, the average life expectancy has more than doubled in the past 50 years alone. On the other hand, we now understand the environmental impact of this progress enough to know that we must change our view of the world - and we must adopt new ways of thinking so that we can expect a sustainable future for humankind.Sustainable development involves economic, social, and environmental issues - economic growth coupled to protection of the...

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