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The terms like "environment-friendly" has entered the mainstream glossary; retailers are using in-store producing to promote products that are all innate and energy efficient. Wal-Mart got the ball rolling last year with its sustainability efforts and now other retailers are jumping on board. Sheila McCuskey, an analyst for research firm Information Resources Inc., says that using in-store signs could help retailers drive sales of green products that are in demand but not always easy to find. "One study we did shows 84% of consumers are interested in using eco-friendly products and that 30% actively look for them," said McCuskey. "And 50% of the people who actively seek them are young ...view middle of the document...

Recent result of Social Audit also reflects that a substantial number of franchisees do not strongly relate themselves to Body Shop's campaigns on human rights and environmental protection. Though the social and environment issues are conveyed effectively but the equally important sales volume and marketing tactics fail in reaching the expected objectives these years. The most challenging thing for The Body Shop is how to balance its ethical principles and reasonable revenues for its franchises.One of the uniqueness of the HR in the Body Shop is that it integrates social and environmental principles into HR management system. Such as the inclusion of environmental responsibilities in job descriptions, day cares with children and even paid hours of work for local charities and community projects etc (Values Reporting: Individual Stakeholder Accounts for Employees, 2003). The shop considers employees as company's most vital asset an employee not only executes the daily retailing work, but also fulfils the societal and environmental responsibilities. The Body Shop also established the incentive system through financial inducement to motivate the employees to develop the retailing performance as well as endorse social and environmental amendments through campaigning and volunteering. Therefore, the general management views and society are reactive to the needs of employees.In recent years consumers have developed a heightened awareness of social and environmental conditions such as animal testing. Many consumers hold strong views towards animal testing and do not want to buy products that have caused animal suffering. Consequently consumers often want to acquire company information regarding animal testing before they buy the product, many cosmetic companies including Estee Lauder shy away from this controversial topic and provide confusing and ambiguous statements regarding the topic as they are guilty of continuing animal testing but wish to avoid public opposition...

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