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Industrial/organizational psychologists use many tools to understand how a company functions and can develop strategies to increase not only production, but to improve the environment for the benefit of the employees of the organization. This paper gives an overview of an organization called Baderman Island, a resort destination that offers several features which caters to the needs of different recreation seekers. Using organizational psychology, the resort can be improved by changing the quality of services provided to the customers and the way in which management works with the employees for the future benefit of guests. Several strategies will be provided to show how improvements can be made to this establishment.Strategies to Create AlliancePet PlazaOne issue of concern with guests of Baderman Island is that the resort is not a pet friendly place. The resort does not allow pets, so the guests are left struggling to find other arrangements for their pets while the family goes on vacation. For many people, it can be hard to leave a pet behind because a pet is considered part of the family. This is why the management team has proposed adding a new division to Baderman Island called the Pet Plaza. The Pet Plaza would mainly be directed towards dogs, although it would accommodate other small animals such as cats, birds, rabbits, and guinea pigs.The Pet Plaza would be available so that the guests could have a place to bring pets while they enjoyed the many fun activities provided at the resort. Guests will find comfort in knowing that pets are safe and may even have as much fun as the guests are having. Safety and well-keeping for pets will be possible through Pet Plaza's many amenities, including a climate controlled daycare, a spa and grooming facility, training classes, and a pet retail shop.For an additional fee, guests can drop off pets at the daycare for a few hours or the whole day. The daycare will be partly inside, and will have a pet playground outside as well. The daycare will include group and individualized playtime for pets, a pool for pets that want to make a splash, and an obstacle course to help keep the pets fit, energized, and happy. The daycare will also provide snacks approved by the owner and walking services for dogs, basic training skills will be available as well. The class will teach dogs how to sit, stay, lie down, and fetch. A vet will be available for check-ups, to administer shots or medications, and provide emergency care if needed.Pet Plaza's most luxurious amenity will be the spa and grooming facility. This facility will treat pets as though the pets are the only guests at the resort. The spa will offer pedicures, milk baths, makeovers, haircuts, massages, teeth brushing, hair brushing, and ear cleaning. Each service will have an individual cost, or the owner of the pet can put together a pet pampering package of the services they would like for his or her pet to receive a discount on multiple services. Finally,...

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