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Biodiversity is the makeup and interconnectedness of ecological systems. Biodiversity makes up all the diversity among living things within a specific system. This diversity of life is invaluable to human existence for countless reasons; it is a primary source for environmental resources that shape the economics of a region, it provides the scientific community with what seems to be an ever-growing source of data that can be used for things like medicine, and provides food and aesthetic value to human life. Ontario is a privileged province of Canada as it contains over 25,00 different species of plants and animals. (
Lemieux, Scott. 2011) With such a vast collection of biodiversity Ontario has the obligation to ensure its protection and growth of the thousands of years of evolution that lead to the complex array of life it now contains. With the growth of the human population biodiversity is shrinking, as the globe becomes one species orientated the externalities of human existence threaten biodiversity. One example of these externalities are the impacts anthropogenic climate change, the changing climate due to human activities threatens wildlife as it changes their habitats at rates that most wildlife cannot adopt and evolve to live in. (Lemieux, Scott 2011). Considering the excess of 25,000 different species in Ontario, the province has a large obligation to protect and maintain this biodiversity from the dangers that human existence pose to it. The federal and provincial governments have created many laws and regulations that relate to the protection and management of the environment and biodiversity. More specifically the provincial government of Ontario has the Endangered species act, which will be the focal point of analysis. The Endangered species act was implemented as a method of environmental management that aims to protect the endangered species of the province.

The purpose of the endangered species act is to promote and protect biodiversity in Ontario. More specifically the act was rewritten to protect and reintroduce species at risk in the province. The legislature does this in three major ways, firstly it aims to identify the species at risked based on the best available scientific knowledge; secondly it targets these species at risk along with their habitats, it then aims to protect and promote the recovery of the species at risk. The last major method the statue uses to protect and foster endangered species is the promotion of stewardship toward activates that assist in the protection of endangered species in Ontario. Ontario’s endangered species act was originally created in 1971, and was rewritten again in 2007. The rewriting of the bill was initiated by a coalition of five different environmental groups, including – David Suzuki Foundation, Environmental Defence, Ontario Nature, Sierra Legal Defence Fund (now Eco Justice) and CPAWS-Wildlands League (Endangered Species) the save Ontario species coalition was formed in 2005...

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