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Where North Macomb Medical Associates is located, it is not very diverse. There is currently only one medical office located within the vicinity of Richmond so many of the residents seek treatment from them. Richmond is a small community that resembles a city in the middle of the country. When looking at marketing, it is important to make sure that it is appropriate for the demographics of the area. It is also important to research the area prior to opening up a medical office. If the demographics of the area show that the area is primarily Spanish speaking, it would be pertinent to make sure that there are several bilingual speaking physicians and staff.
There are several different employers located within Richmond. The largest companies are Dick Huvaere’s Chrysler dealership, Kmart, Kroger, and Weeks’ Food Corporation, which is responsible for packaging and shipping meats to local grocery stores but also keeping their own store supplied. Other businesses include four pharmacies, several workout gyms, and fast food restaurants. With such a small population, there are numerous employers located throughout Richmond.
According to USA City Facts (2010), majority of the population that resides in Richmond Michigan is White with 94.2%, Hispanic at 4.6%, and African American at 1%. When looking at the state percentages, White is first with African American coming in second. The unemployment rate for Richmond Michigan as of 2010 was high (13.1%) compared to the state (11.5%). The average workers income was $34,474, which was higher than the state and national average (Richmond, MI income and economy, 2010).
According to The United States Census Bureau (2014), the following demographic data is provided for Richmond, Michigan.
Population Estimates Richmond Michigan
2012 5,740 9,882,519
2010 5,735 9,883,701
Population Increase Percentage 0.1% Decreased
Under 5 years old 6.4% 6.0%
Under 18 years old percent 23.8% 23.7%
Over 65 years old percent 15.8% 13.8%
Median Household income $52.522 $48,471
Percentage of Women (2010) 51.8% 50.9%
Percentage of Men (2010) 48.2% 49.1%

Table 1 Demographic Data for Richmond, MI
According to the table, it is evident that the population for Richmond has not increased much and that a large...

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