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Environmental Change Essay

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Environmental change impacts an ecosystem in multiple ways. Environmental change

is a big impact on all ecosystems in the world. A very well known way is natural climate
change and how it affects an ecosystem, which plays a big part in environmental changes.
Natural climate change makes a big impact in the U.S. in various ways and in different
ecosystems and areas in the U.S.

Natural climate change influences an ecosystem in various ways. Biodiversity loss is a negative impact on an ecosystem that lessens the diversity of species tremendously. Secondly, global warming and temperatures rising greatly definitely impacts an ecosystem by the buildup of greenhouse gases in ...view middle of the document...

S. in various ways. Northeastern birds that winter in the southern United States are coming back north 13 days in the spring earlier than they did in the early 20th century because of change in timing of seasonal lifetime events. Another example; cold water fish are losing their habitats because of range shifts. Lastly, natural climate change affecting the U.S. as a whole. Climate change in the U.S. can alter how species interact and where they live which could fundamentally transform an ecosystem in the U.S.

Any environmental change can affect a whole ecosystem. Ecosystems can be affected by using up too much energy or even sometimes just some energy. Also, they can be affected by just simply using up too much water. In the U.S. ecosystems are being impacted every single day in some type of way. Species are moving around everyday from ecosystem to ecosystem because of environmental changes such as natural climate change. This haves to do with both human beings and animals. It is a force that makes species in the world to move from place to place; it makes our world move. Environmental...


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