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reach the sustainability until we achieve the development in all of this aspects.If we want to identify the environmental concerns it will be in brie, the importance of preserving the environment and the continuity of their durability it became the preservation of the environment among the most important laws binding and in most countries have been applied.In my term paper I will discuss the problems, consequences of these issues, and solutions.
The world starts to feel the issue and start to do conferences and meetingsto discuss the environmental concerns widely. Since they start from the earth summit, the aim of this meeting was that the humans have to change their negative behaviors and ...view middle of the document...

Then these results of those attacks are flipped from the humans into a nightmare chasing him in his health and lifestyle. Global warming, deforestation, desertification, and water crises all of these problems are human made. Beginning by the most important issue which is the global warming, to illustrate the process of the global warming, the solar radiation is the main source of energy on the surface of the earth as it stems from the sun toward Earth is implemented through atmospheric gases in the form of X-Ray visible short-wave rays and thermal long-wave (infrared) and then transmits the temperature about the atmosphere ,air atmosphere near the Earth's surface temperature Faiths not allowed to access or escape to the top and re-broadcast toward the ground, leading to increase the heat of the surface. The next is the deforestation is the elimination of a woodland or attitude of trees wherever the terrestrial is that afterward reborn to a non-forest use. Samples of deforestation embody conversion of forestland to farms, ranches, or city use. Over half the animal and plant types within the world survive in tropical forests. Deforestation happens for several reasons: trees are decrease to be used or sold like fuel (usually with different type's coals) or wood, while cleaned area is employed as grassland for farm animal, plantations of commodities and settlements. The removal of trees while not sufficient re-afforestation has resulted in harm to environs, causing less biodiversity. Its adverse effects on bio sequestration of portion of greenhouse gas. Deforestation has conjointly been employed in war to prevent an enemy of canopy for its forces and conjointly very significant resources. A contemporaneous model of this was the employment of herbicide by the use military in Vietnam throughout the Vietnam War. Deforested zones usually incur vital adverse erosion and regularly degrade into wildness. The third issue is the Desertification; Desertification is the degradation of land exposure in arid and semi -arid and dry sub-humid areas, resulting in loss of plant life and biodiversity, and lead to the loss of topsoil and then the loss of the ability of the land to agricultural production and support of animal and human life. Desertification affects catastrophic impact on the economic situation of the country, as it leads to the loss of up to 40 billion dollars annually in agricultural crops and increase their prices. Desertification creates an atmosphere appropriate to intensify forest fires and raise the wind, which increases the pressure on the earth's resources more importance, namely water. Desertification is a global problem dogging many countries all over the world. And is defined as a decrease in the ability of the Earth's biological production or degradation of productive land fertility rate , which gives it the conditions are similar to the desert climate . Therefore, desertification leads to lower production of plant life , and has a total...

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