Environmental Concerns And Aesthetics In Ecocinema

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Ecological problems have drawn attention from all over the world. With the prevalence of global environmental crisis resulted from rapid development of science and technology, political filed has responded to the issue by issuing some policies; social field has responded to the issue by organizing some activities to evoke the public’s environmental consciousness. As the leader of people’s spiritual trend, ecocinema has also reflected and considered environmental crisis, such as global warming and biological diversity. Ecocinema represents the relationship between human beings and the nature from the macroscopic point of view. Films such as the day after tomorrow, FernGully and Avatar use ...view middle of the document...

It took the production team more than four years to produce the series. Each episode depicts different aspects of the mysterious oceans, such as the frozen seas, coral seas and the coasts. Apart from the ocean, the production team also expressed their ecological consciousness in the series. Overfishing and excessive exploitation of ocean resources have undermined the ocean ecology. The seas cannot endure the torment of human beings. Advanced modern technology has posed a threat to the survival of lots of ocean species. The blue planet is suffering from endless exploitation as well as pollution. The documentary also used advanced production technologies. According to Cubitt (156), the intrinsic value ethic in the documentary is closely related to the high-end technologies and skills of the production. The value of nature documentaries can be realized by different fields. The nature documentary is believed to be a window on the world, which enables the public to observe the nature closely.

Environmental films also express the ecological consciousness through imagination and reflection on the environment, such as the disaster movies. Disaster movies, especially those depict the disasters resulted from the modern civilization, can evoke people’s veneration and respect for the nature as well as their disaster awareness (Ingram 64). As global warming becomes more and more serious, it has become a hot theme of many films. The day after tomorrow, which was released in 2004, is a disaster movie depicting the disasters brought by global warming. The director Roland Emmerich depicts the omen of disasters – the crack of the ice in the polar region through the interactive use of close-up and long shots. Then the temperature dropped suddenly and large snowflakes fall in Washington. The restless Atlantic is the omen of another disaster. The weather in Tokyo changes dramatically; the buoys on the coast of Greenland are out of order and the tornadoes strikes Los Angeles. The danger is escalating. The cold weather changes the New York which is occupied by the sea into an icebound world. The director also uses many techniques to represent the tense atmosphere before the disaster, including the lightning splitting the air, the rapidly rotating windmill, the bird flock flying past New York as well as the unusual behaviors and restlessness of the animals. All these scenes add to the horrible atmosphere of the disaster. Substantial news reports and live reports allow the audience to be immersive. The movie forces people to reflect on themselves as well as the environment and take measures to protect the environment. Lots of scientists and environmentalists believe that the plot in the day after tomorrow is similar to what will happen to us in the future, but the pace will be much slower (Orad).

The animated movie is also an important approach for the environmental films to respond to the environmental crisis. FernGully: The Last Rainforest and Avatar are both good...

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