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Environmental Discourse In The Work Environment.

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"Krista, Can you please do an ETF for our newbie?" asks my co-worker. From the moment I started my position in Human Resources, I had to gain an understanding of a language that was very unfamiliar to me. My work environment was filled with acronyms and abbreviations. Although it was customary to speak in such a dialect, I had a hard time keeping up with a conversation. The workplace is one of many different places where how you speak reflects your surroundings. A few other places I have had the need to adjust my vocabulary are the gym, with my parents, with my friends, at school, even the bank.When I speak with my parents, I tend to have a very conservative vocabulary. I do not use swear words when speaking with my parents and I usually will filter the subject that we are discussing so that they only get the facts. I have a very high level of respect for my parents, and therefore would never raise my voice or take a threatening tone with them. However, that doesn't mean that I don't disagree with them at times. If that does occur, I have learned that not saying anything can be just as effective as letting them know how I feel.Between four and five times a week you would be able to find me at the gym, Not because I am a die-hard muscle buff, or some sort of fitness-maniac, but because I signed up for a year and if the money is coming out of my bank account I may as well be there. Most of the time you can find me at the tred-mill (walking/running device) while walking I have had the opportunity to people-watch and gather information that I may have not ever known otherwise. Scene: Two guys at the weight bench. Guy 1, "how many reps are you going to do?" Guy 2, "well depending on if I am going for high weight or low weight I would say about 3 sets of 12. You?" In the gym, you are surrounded by different people who all seem to know that "3 sets of 12" means that the guy is going to be doing 12 lifts, three times. I met a girlfriend at the gym and she expressed how much she was looking forward to doing cardio. Huh? I discovered later that we were going to be doing cardiovascular exercises to get our heart rate going. Not to mention all the names of the different equipment: butt-blaster, pro-circuit, abs-master, stair-stepper, climber, etc. You also have the variety of work out food and beverages: Myo-plex bars, Protein bars, Carb bars, Slim-fast shakes, Whey-Protein Powder. How can anyone keep up? Every time I think I have a handle on the different gym terms, I get a shock like "Posterior crunches".On campus, you can hear the sounds of students, but if you listen closely you can dissect their language and discover that even though there is a wide age range here at Crafton, there is a very similar discourse that is used. Textbooks, courses, parking permits, etc... all of which are a part of everyday life on campus. Along with the different terms used for academics, I believe that the students use different discourses in and out of the classroom....

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