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Environmental Ethics Inventory Essay

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Our environmental circumstances pose problems of value and choice for each of us and challenge us to reconsider the way we act individually and collectively in an ever changing ecosystem. Whether we like it or not there is no escaping the fact that ethical values are imbedded in the premises and assumptions of all decisions we make concerning land, air, water and how use or abuse those resources.Responsible resource management has come to include concern for land as habitat not just for humankind alone, but for other communities of species that inhabit it as well. In addition, we have come to understand that managing the air we breathe and the water we drink; needs to reflect an understanding of the overall impact in its ecological context. We must consider resource use or abuse as it relates too local impact and or larger significance in the hydrological cycle, the carbon cycle, public health, etc.This course has made me reflect upon the problems confronting those who have to make decisions about land, air, and water management and use. This course has furthered my understanding of the different approaches to environmental ethics and examination of the underlying assumptions of scientific, managerial, economic, aesthetic, political, judicial, and public policy discourse on the environment.My values and ethics regarding the environment where of course fostered and molded in the early years of my life by the way I was raised by my parents. I was raised with the belief that ethics where about choosing the morally right thing when faced with the issues of religion, education, interpersonal relations, discrimination and tolerance and pride in our nation. It is somewhat ironic that I was raised on cattle ranch dependent on the environment to raise our crops and cattle, and yet there was no emphasis in my upbringing on making morally right choices concerning the environment we so dependent on.The behaviors displayed by my parents and grandparents concerning the environment could be classified as utilitarian. Though some utilitarian theories might seek to maximize other consequences, these consequences generally have something to do with the welfare of people (or of people and nonhuman animals). Their main focus was on our livestock and crops, and not with the method of raising livestock and crops in harmony with the environment..Concern for the environment was secondary to our business success. I belive that had their generatitions been exposed to much of the research that our generation has that my parents and grandparents may have held a different view on the effects our farming and ranching had on the environment. None the less, their view of the environment was that it was an unlimited resources. Ulimately that is the view I shared as I was growing up.As time passed and I became more educated there where many discoveries shared about the hamful affects of farming and ranching on the envirnment. During my young adult life we faced many developments...

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