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Environmental Issues Essay

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Environmental issues are a major concern in our world, and every individual must recognize the need for change. Over years, humans have made a significant effect towards the planet, and one of those major concerns was deforestation. Deforestation has been heavily debated for a long period; mostly during these last few years. Government interferes and cuts forests in order to make a higher profit without realizing the effects it has on the planet. However, people disagree with the fact that deforestation is bad, instead they think that the effects are devastating and will become irreversibly disastrous in the future. I have weighed the pros and cons, and pros have the upper advantage with the fact that it declines wildlife populations, create drastic changes to the earths climate, and would result to much loss soil.
Deforestation should have peoples concern since it has an effect to the planet; we humans live in this planet ...view middle of the document...

We have the ability to produce wood products. Also the government can develop our country with the profit they earn from selling wood resources all around. Deforestation also gives humans the

ability to create new cities with the new land acquired. It can even give farmers land to plant and grow vegetables and fruits for stores. Deforestation also gives people a job, someone has to cut the lumber down, so people are hired to do it. Deforestation can be a good thing that helps a lot of people with their lives, and develop countries. However every single thing has a weakness.
The cons; not only does deforestation has its ups, it also has its downs. Forests act as a major carbon store since it takes up huge amounts of carbon dioxide from the earth’s atmosphere and produce nutrients for the tree such as proteins, carbohydrates and fats. When forests are cleared out, the amount of carbon dioxide significantly rises. Not only does CO2 rise, CO2 is known to be a major contributor to the greenhouse effect. Deforestation makes up one-third of all CO2 released by humans. “The greenhouse effect is the rise in temperature because certain gases in the atmosphere trap energy from the sun”(Chacha). It also has a major effect towards the water cycle. Trees draw out ground water, brings it up to its roots and releases it into the atmosphere which is known as “transpiration.” An example of this cycle would be deep in the Amazon where over half of all water is kept within the plants. If the forest was removed, the region would not hold as much water, resulting to a dry land. The dry land causes soil erosion making it lose even more land than what was already gone. It also can make species that were living in the forest extinct. Animals depend on the forest for survival, and the government is destroying it.
To conclude, deforestation is a major need for humans in order to survive. They give us land, the ability to produce food, acquire more resources,give jobs, and create cities or houses. It may be considered a need for humans, but it is not worth putting the planet into risk. It is too risky and should not be done. It should stop until we can find a better solution, one where it can have a positive influence for the planet.

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