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Environmental Issues – Saving Earth Essay

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These days it seems no one cares about our mother earth. People use, take, and pollute what little resources this planet has, and they just hope it will still be there for their kids. Something must be done to change their way of thinking. Soon, the planet will no longer be habitable, and humans are they only ones to blame. People should care about our planet because the amount of litter humans produce is horrendous, driving a car is bad news, drilling for oil will kill the earth, and planting new plants can save it.
The fact is many animals will die this year due to littering. People never hear about these animals because who really cares about this kind of stuff? Well, we need these ...view middle of the document...

The workers at the recycling plant will then take their money and put it back into the economy by spending that money, and the cycle continues. Recycling can indirectly save people money.
In the city, the smog can become so dense, people can only see for about twenty miles. Just about every adult in the United States drives a car. The emissions that come out of a car are carbon monoxide, nitrogen, and sulfur oxide. People do not think about the fact they are putting out more harmful gases every time they drive and they can cause acid rain. The buildup of these emissions over a long period can cause breathing to become impossible and cause repertory illnesses (TUNZA Eco Generation). Letting the car idle for the ac in the hot summer is only making the emissions worse.
Most people cannot afford a new car with good gas mileage, so they drive an old car that sucks up oil, as if it was going out of style. There are many uses for oil. People use oil for lawn mowers, weed eaters, and almost all gas-powered motors. No one thinks that one day we will have used up all the oil because it does not produce as quickly as we can use it. Using all the oil will make the world stop spinning.
There are several alternatives to gas-powered motor. Today, people have started using hybrid cars. These hybrid cars use less gas and oil. There are even some cars that can run mainly on electricity. In Rockwall, Texas, they have several charging stations around town to charge your car. These hybrid cars put out far fewer emissions than a normal gas-powered vehicle.
There are many positive attributes to starting a garden that people do not think about. Simply imagine the amount of money one family could save if they never had to buy vegetables again. A family can never get enough veggies. If people grow extra, they can freeze the leftovers for winter. It does not take very much work to start and maintain a beautiful garden that can be munched on. People of all ages can help with the garden, and some people say they have a deep emotional or spiritual connection to their garden. Let the kids help; this way they will be outside playing in the earth.
Another good thing about planting a garden is it creates more oxygen to outweigh the emissions. This planet we live on needs all the help we can give it to heal. By planting more plants, the planet is more likely to slow down in its race to the ice age. All plants put out oxygen for us, but society keeps taking gorgeous health land and pouring concrete on it for shopping malls. This is a travesty not many people care about. “On average, you can create 4.5 pounds of trash everyday” (Rogers and Kostigen). With the scraps from you kitchen, you can start composting. Using...

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