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Environmental Management Plans Essay

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An imperative output of the environmental assessment process is Environmental Management Plans (The World Bank, n.d.). Environmental Management Plans are one of the twenty two commonly used tools to be utilised for the process of realising the principles of integrated environmental management, as set forth by the Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism (DEAT (a), 2004).

1.1. Definitions
1.1.1. Environment
The National Environmental Management Act (1998) refers to the environment as being the “surroundings within which humans exist and that are made
up of:
i. the land, water and atmosphere of the earth;
ii. microorganisms, plant and animal life;
iii. any part or combination of (i) and (ii) and the interrelationships among and
between them; and
iv. the physical, chemical, aesthetic and cultural properties and conditions of the
foregoing that influence human health and wellbeing.”
The Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism (DEAT (a), 2004) on the other hand defines the environment as the “biophysical, social and economic components, as well as the connections within and between these components”.

1.1.2. Management
Management refers to “the process of dealing with or controlling things or people” as defined by (Google, n.d.). Additionally this process involves the “initiation, planning, implementation, controlling and closing of an activity, including the associated responsibilities and accountabilities” (DEAT (a), 2004). In environmental management the environment is not managed directly. Management here rather focus on people and processes. For instance the interaction humans have with the environment (biophysical, social and economic).

1.1.3. Plan
The Oxford Dictionary (n.d.) defines ‘plan’ as “a detailed proposal for doing or achieving something”.

1.1.4. EMP
“An EMP is a site-specific plan developed to ensure that all necessary measures are identified and implemented in order to protect the environment and comply with environmental legislation” (DOED, 2002).

“The synthesis of all proposed mitigative and monitoring actions, set to a timeline with specific responsibility assigned and follow-up actions defined” (The World Bank, n.d.).

1.3. Legislation
Because all activities listed in the GN R545 Listing Notice will require a Scoping and Environmental Impact Assessment, it will in affect also require an Environmental Management Plan (National Environmental Management Act, 1998).


Environmental management plans are tools or components of integrated environmental management that is implemented and utilised during the project implementation and
Monitoring stage of a development cycle (DEAT (a), 2004) and is thus only a part of a bigger process of decision making regarding development (Carroll & Turpin, 2009). In relation to strategic environmental assessments and environmental impact assessments, environmental management plans possess the highest level of detail (DEAT (a), 2004).

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