Environmental Problems: Improving The Quality Of International Agreements

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Improving the Quality of International Agreements

Human production and development systems have increasingly made use of the earth's resources, gradually leading to what can now be described as environmental crisis. Without immediate and future concern for the ways humans treat the planet and surrounding atmosphere, humans could be the creators of their own destruction. Economic, social, and political systems have all added to the degradation of the environment, such as mineral resource extraction, wars, political boundaries, and policy for actions taken within those boundaries. In order to attack the root causes of environmental destruction, we must first confront the reasons behind human actions, and develop ways to overcome the societal inequalities that we have created. It is necessary to incorporate such factors into management and development programs in order to successfully accomplish and meet any aspirations of conservation and preservation.

In order for sustainable development to be successfully achieved, and the preservation and conservation of nature to be incorporated into public and individual value systems, a number of areas of concern must first be addressed. International diplomacy, as previously mentioned, may exclude processes of environmental protection. As such, we must recognise that the economic, social, and political realms contribute to the disparities between nations, the disagreements between governments on key environmental issues, and the inaction of individual nations to enact international agreements to improve environmental degradation. At the 2002 Earth Summit in South Africa, Canada must attempt: to promote change through international co-operation, to increase international communication and the exchange of best practices and ideas, to improve environmental education, to address social concerns in relation to environmental degradation, to include previously ignored social groups, and to seek change at a variety of scales of activity. Canada's position internationally should be to promote significant environmental and social values and concerns. Canada must respect and employ the most appropriate actions and efforts of other nations in the facilitation of environmental concern, while promoting its own ideas and knowledge.

Facilitate International Co-operation
A primary requirement in the global effort to promote environmental concerns and raise awareness of environmental problems is increased co-operation between nations. Canada's position at the Earth Summit should be to promote the ability of nations to co-operate, emphasising improved diplomacy and interaction. Environmental degradation is presently occurring throughout the world, and is the result of international social, political, and economic processes and movements. The environment is an open system, and the causes and effects of pollution are not constrained to any anthropocentric boundaries. If we are to improve our situation world-wide,...

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