Environmental Issues In World Political Theories

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Environmental Issues in World Political Theories

For the first time in history, human beings have realized that the
environment can be destroyed by human activity. The massive cutting
down of forests, draining and flooding of bogs and lakes, changing the
flow of rivers, and building of harmful factories and power plants,
all of this contributes to damaging our environment. In the world
right now an agreement has not been reached about to what extent are
humans responsible for the changes in the environment on Earth. World
Political forces according to their interests approach environmental
issues in different ways, following the three main World Political


Realists look at the world in a "realistic" way. They don't think
there is a point in trying to make the world a better place, because
human nature is fixed and it is selfish, but instead try to adapt the
situation in order to get maximum self-interest. The main actors for
Realists are sovereign states. Since there is no supreme power that
can decide over the states, this raises a struggle between the states,
as all of them want to become the greatest power. The most important
tool that they use to put into practice states' foreign policies is
military force. Realists acknowledge the environmental problems of the
world, but think that they should be dealt with on national levels.
Thus every state takes care of their own environmental problems. They
believe that NGO's don't have the same power as states. For example,
the realists recognize an event like the Johannesburg Conference but
they participate in it for different purposes. Not to reach
compromises with the rest of the world but to keep up date and to form
political alliances in order to promote national...

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