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Environmental Protection Essay

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The protection and conservation of the environment is an issue that affects us all. We consistently contribute to the decomposition of our environment despite its importance and benefits of being healthy such as the ability to obtain water, food, fuel and raw materials used to manufacture the things we use daily. Our environment creates the basis of our existence, It’s our home yet we continue to take it for granted.

While cities are centers of art, culture , business and government , urban sprawl has reached tremendous speeds which seems to have overtaken the ability to establish and maintain standards for sustainable environmental security, which all citizens should equally monitor the fulfillment of these standards transversely . Responsibility for the environment is a cultural issue , which is relevant to us all, regardless of the differences that may exist between us. Each individual must , as part of their reality and their abilities , be able to identify the most accessible way to safeguard the common environment and the maintenance of the average forest, lake, pond, garden or even lawn.

The commitment has to be together . Each participant of society , regardless of their economic, social or cultural backgrounds , can bring an attitude of respect for the environment , and with small changes but miniscule changes from each participant of society , the task of developing actions that mitigate the problem will be easier, and thus can generate a sustainable society with development for all individuals .

Moreover , governments and businesses must also take an active role through concrete actions and large scale , because they have the capacity to generate information and invest in making radical changes to be reflected in a better environment for all .

Also, it is essential that we acknowledge how our actions affect the normal development of the environment without harming and disrupting its growth & attempt to grasp the severity of the consequences. That is why the scientific world should approach the average joe, since they are best placed to deliver the keys on what should be our behavior, proactive and committed against the various events that shows nature. We need the various sectors and people in general, without distinction , to transform the way they use resources , changing their daily habits , taking responsibility and taking awareness that the environment is a key axis of improvement for the developing world and that as it deteriorates , our quality of life will also be affected , not just for us but the way of life for generations to come .

Homo sapiens, humans, appeared late in the history of Earth, but we have been able to modify the environment with our activities. Apparently, our early ancestors made their appearance in Africa, they soon spread throughout the world. Thanks to our peculiar mental and physical abilities, we managed to escape the environmental constraints that limit other species and alter the...

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