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Environmental History Of The Bay Area

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I myself have always lived in the Bay Area until now, when I recently moved to Chico. Pleasanton, Ca is a suburb in the East Bay where I have lived the longest in the Bay Area. However I have also lived for other short periods of time in the cities San Jose, Union City, Fremont, and San Francisco. This is not the case with some of my other family members. My mother, and her side of the family, where born on the Island of Pico. Pico is located in the Azores, which is a chain of islands right off the coast of Portugal. My mother stated that, “She, my uncle, grandma, and grandpa decided to try to flea the Azores because of fear that my uncle would get drafted into Portugal’s war with Angola” (Orozco). When my mom was fifteen years old, her family migrated to Santa Maria, California. They settled in Santa Maria because of its large Portuguese community. Both of my grandparents worked hard labor jobs to try to support my mom, and uncle. My grandpa worked in construction, and my grandma worked in the fields harvesting crops. After five years of living in Santa Maria, my grandparents decided to move the family to San Jose, California because my grandpa had found a higher paying construction job. They permanently settled in San Jose, which is in the South Bay Area, and that is how my mom’s side of the family came to living in the Bay Area.
Like myself, my father was also born and raised in the Bay Area. My Dad’s side of the family migrated from Mexico in the distant past, but his parents where born in the States. My grandma’s family came from Mexico, and settled in Texas, before moving to Union City, California, where they opened up a corner store. My grandpa’s family also came from Mexico, but they migrated straight to Union City, where they also opened up a corner store, and ran an independent business for years. After my grandparents met, my grandpa enlisted in the Korean War, but was discharged because of an injury caused by a grenade. After he left the military he began working for PG & E in San Francisco. My grandparents settled in Union City where they had three kids, who all eventually settled in other regions throughout the Bay Area. The reason I am telling you about my families history in the Bay Area is because it’s important for me to know where I came from, and what things where like before I existed. It really interests me to hear my family’s story, and to hear what things used to be like. Well since now you have an understanding of my families history, I am going to go more in depth about the history of the San Francisco Bay Area, from the times of Native Americans pre-contact with the Europeans, all the way to the modern industrial developments throughout the region.
Prior to the Spanish Missionaries inhabiting the Bay Area region, the area had an extremely dense Native American population. The Ohlone tribes, also known as the Coastonian people densely populated the San Francisco Bay Area region all the way down to the Monterey Bay...

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