Environmental Analysis

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My organization operates in the professional services industry. My company is a global professional services firm that partners with government and commercial clients to deliver consulting services and technology solutions in defense, energy, environment, homeland security, social programs and transportation. My company serves government at all levels, major corporations, and multilateral institutions. Within each market, the firm offers consulting services to assist clients in strategy and policy analysis, program management, project evaluation, and other services.In general, professional service industries are a rapidly growing and highly profitable sector of advanced economies. According to First Research, professional service industries account for a large part of the US economy, generating about $600 billion in annual revenue for 600,000 individual firms. The largest segments are legal services ($130 billion), engineering services ($120 billion), computer-related services ($110 billion), accounting ($60 billion), management consulting ($60 billion), advertising ($50 billion), and scientific research ($25 billion). First Research further states that demand is driven heavily by the health of the US economy and particularly by corporate profits. While some professional services are necessary for the normal functioning of most companies, some of the most profitable services aren't considered essential and are often postponed when corporate profits are low. The profitability of professional service firms is closely tied to good marketing, because many of their costs are fixed. Small firms can compete successfully with large firms in their segment if they offer special expertise. Professional firms provide services that require special expertise but are needed only occasionally. Because of this intermittent use (or single use), firms can make their expertise available to many customers and serve several customers at the same time. The distinguishing feature of the professional services industry is the fact that it does not sell tangible products and is wholly dependent on expertise and skills. Thus more than any other industry, corporate success depends heavily on the quality and availability of human capital talent.The key macroeconomic variables that affect the professional services industry that I'm employed with are: gross domestic product (GDP), employment, unemployment, inflation, economic growth, interest rates, marketing, sales, and national income. The effects of macroeconomic factors on the professional services industry are a major concern and can have critical implications. The GDP can be affected by changes in unemployment, national income, rate of growth, and price levels. According to Economic Potential of International Franchising in Emerging Markets, Dr. Llan Alon states that emerging markets are often classified based on their GDP per capita (GDP divided by the level of population). This variable is used because it signifies the...

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Environmental Analysis: Southwest Airlines

2415 words - 10 pages Environmental Analysis 1 Environmental Analysis 12 Environmental Analysis: Southwest Airlines Environmental Analysis: Southwest AirlineIntroductionSouthwest Airlines Co. began its operations in 1971 and has been serving the industry for the past 43 years now (Southwest Airlines, n.d.). It is the major domestic airline, and ranked number one in 2014 by the Bureau of Transportation Statistics (United States Department of Transportation

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1041 words - 4 pages Analysis PAGE \* MERGEFORMAT 1 Running Head: ENVIRONMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY ARTICLE ANALYSISEnvironmental Psychology Article AnalysisSandra LattinPSY460 Environmental PsychologyUniversity of PhoenixEnvironmental Psychology Article AnalysisAs organizations strive to identify their market's culture and structure, survive mergers and alliances, and remain competitive, change is inevitable. Change is bound to occur, but how and why it takes place is the

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1642 words - 7 pages IntroductionGlobalization and regional integration has opened up the world to global business ventures. As countries begin to saturate their existing market, they are looking for new opportunities to expand and grow. Energy drink maker Red Bull has decided to expand their operations and introduce a new caffeine-free and sugar-free energy drink into Argentina. In order make this expansion successful, Red Bull must conduct an environmental

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1954 words - 8 pages In today's day and age, the world is considered an organizations marketing ground. Gone are the days of marketing and targeting consumers in just one geographical area. In order for an organization to take a product or service global, the need for analysis is critical to ensure that the product or service being offered will be successful in the new country. The purpose of this paper is to outline the strategy that is necessary for Gold Diggers

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Comprehensive Environmental Analysis Outline

1584 words - 6 pages . Letters and comments. Retrieved March 6, 2007 from http://www.asiaweek.comStephen S. Birdsall and John Florin (1998). An Outline of American Geography (4th ed.). n.d.: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of Economic Analysis (2007, March 1). Overview of the U.S. Economy: Perspective from the BEA Accounts. Retrieved March 6, 2007, from http://www.bea.gov/newsreleases/glance.htmU.S. Environmental Protection Agency (2007, March 7). Clear Skies: Legislative Information. Retrieved March 6, 2007, from http://www.epa.gov/air/clearskies/legis.html

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3329 words - 13 pages Environmental Analysis PAGE 1 Running Head: Environmental AnalysisMission, Vision and ValuesDonna TyreeUniversity of PhoenixMBA 580Jimmie MorganFebruary 11, 2008Today, when people say "Wake up and smell the coffee" they are not speaking about home made coffee. They are talking Starbucks, the world's #1 specialty coffee retailer. Starbucks was founded by Howard Schultz in 1985 under the name I l Giornale Coffee Company. In 1987 Howard changed

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1283 words - 5 pages (i) Environmental Analysis – External Opportunities and Threats The demographic, economic and the socio-cultural segments would be the most relevant segments to Whole Foods Market. These segments have a direct impact on the profitability, sustainability and survivability of Whole Foods Market, and the organic food industry. The relevance of the demographic segment stems from the fact that the age structure, income distribution and population

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1422 words - 6 pages A challenge of using decision analysis procedures to make environmental decisions is that they tend to oversimplify a complex problem. The project’s or problem’s impact on the environment doesn’t just produce an economic impact but also a political and social impact. Environmental projects affect a large population of people, “stakeholders” and the environment itself, which need to be taken into consideration when making a decision. Cost

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3206 words - 13 pages Throughout the world, conflicts over environmental issues abound. As technology progresses and our world continues to become more interconnected, an understanding of the worldâs environmental crises is important and necessary for the well-being of both humankind and the environment. This paper addresses and comments on the issues presented in the following books: Ecology of an African Rain Forest by Thomas T. Struhsaker, Green Guerillas edited


2862 words - 11 pages environmental footprint" (Starbucks Corporation, 2007). Starbucks treat employees as the most valuable asset for the company and empower to make decisions. The company continues to sustain the values of personal dignity, mutual respect, shared success and diverse workforce culture in the organization. "In addition, they focus on ethical sourcing that offers affordable loans for farmers, sustainable farm management practices, the prohibition of forced

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1118 words - 4 pages process and is closely analyzed in the environmental scanning process of an organization. These factors are very important in establishing the corporate level strategies of an organization. But one has to remember that there are numerous other factors also such as the general state of the economy and industry growth rates which influence the formulation of strategy. Thus let us discuss the environmental analysis of Microsoft in detail.External

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2188 words - 9 pages Introduction The Environmental Analysis is all the external and internal forces that may affect a business. The analysis contains the Macro-Environmental Analysis, Micro-Environmental Analysis, Internal Analysis, and the SWOT. Powder Coating PlusNorthwest must take a proactive approach in evaluating and reviewing all the factors in order to keep the business sustainable with the continuous variations. The information was obtained through