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When we sit in a science class, most of the time we are bored as bored can get. We really do not get a chance to explore on our own to find out what’s really out there. Teachers sometimes are not able to get in depth outside the textbook because they are required to teach that all in the year. That is why a lot of kids do not really get into science because they are stuck to the book all the time. Some kids love science and do not really care about the work they have to do. Environmental science, is more than the book really says.
No one really quite understands what it takes to be an Environmental Scientist. Environmental Science is a broad type of science. It may involve nature, animals, or anything in between. Some subsections of it can consist of pollution management, natural resources, or wildlife management. Also, there are types of programs for protecting the environment such as scientific, behavioral, economic, and political.(apu.apus.edu) Most environmental scientist go into the scientific field of it, but there are some that go in for other reasons. The second most popular is behavioral.

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This mainly focuses on one particular animal and the behavior in their natural habitat. When someone wants to become an Environmental Scientist they first have to have a bachelor`s degree in any natural science, this degree will get you an entry in the field. You can have any type of natural science such as: biology, chemistry, or geosciences. If you want to advance in this particular job you might want to work on getting a master`s degree in any natural science and you could also get a doctoral degree if you want to do college teaching or some research positions require this type of degree. Some people but not most that would like to specialize in this particular occupation may take courses in hydrology, waste management, or fluid mechanics as part of their degree. For more beneficial reasons students may take classes in environmental policies and regulations. It is a good idea to take classes that work with computer modeling, data analysis, and geographic information systems.
There are some important qualities you must have to be an Environmental Scientist. It is good to have Analytical skills, Interpersonal skills, Problem-Solving skills, Speaking skills, and Writing skills (bls.gov). Environmental Scientists usual begin their careers as being field analysts, research assistants, or even technicians in laboratories or maybe even offices. The more you progress, the more you will receive more
responsibilities you get or you may get to observe the work of technicians or any other scientist. Once all that is done you receive even more responsibilities such as: project leader, program
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manager, or any other management or research position. An Environmental Scientist really has one specific job and that is to protect the environment we live in.
Their job is mostly looking for hazards and taking those hazards and minimize them...

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