Environmental Superhero Essay

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• Mr. Toxic Free (Tony Freeman) is a University professor of toxicology and an expert at toxic substances and chemicals.
• He works at night to find toxic wastes and fights with her worst enemy Father Toxane to clean the toxins and our environment.
• Father Taxane can change his appearance into many different toxic substances such as toxic pesticides, dioxins, PBC's and radioactive toxic wastes, etc....
• Toxic substances are very harmful to the environment and can lead to many different problems including water pollution which can contaminate water and harm the aquatic life, runoff of toxic pesticides and contamination of soil by radioactive wastes and etc...
• Toxic substances not only affect the environment but also affect human health by accumulating in the body as well as many other organisms
• Mr. Toxic Free became an environmental superhero when his city had been seriously affected by toxic substances and he thought he needed to change the environment by fighting toxic substances

Super powers
• Since Mr. Toxic Free is a professor of toxicology at a university, he knows a lot about it and how to deal with it to clean the environment
• But he also needed to train himself and acquire some super powers that will help him clean the environment quickly and effectively
• After 10 years of research and training Mr. Toxic Free had acquired three super powers to help him fight the toxic substance
1. Suck up all the toxic wastes from oceans, rivers, lakes or any water bodies
Mr. Toxic Free modified his right hand to a filter that will suck the toxic substance in water bodies and purify it. The purpose of this super power is to create clean water and prevent water pollution and contamination caused by toxic substances. Toxic substances can be very dangerous when they enter oceans because it can cause water pollution and contamination. Toxic pesticides can runoff and when they enter oceans and they can harm the aquatic organisms. Mr. Toxic Free sucks in all the harmful toxic chemicals in the ocean with his right hand and provide the aquatic organisms with clean water as well as prevent pollution and contamination.

2. Suck up atmospheric dioxin turn into oxygen
Like his right hand, Mr. Toxic Free also modified his left hand into a filter that will capture dioxin particles in the atmosphere. The purpose of this super power is to create clean atmosphere. Dioxins are very toxic gas that is released when plastics or household wastes are burned or incinerated. Dioxins can not only cause air pollution but also can get into soil and water and contaminate it. It also has very harmful health effects on humans. Mr. Toxic Free sucks in all the atmospheric dioxins with his left hand and converts it into oxygen. By filtering dioxins and converting it into oxygen, he provides us with clean air as well as extra oxygen which plants can take in to perform photosynthesis.

3. Destroy all the radioactive and solid toxic wastes
His third super power is to destroy all...

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