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Envy Changes Self Identity Essay

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Enviousness changes Self Identity
The worst evil in the United States is envy. People have envy as a child especially when coming from poverty, neglect, and relationships. As children grow older, they tend to make criminal acts. This also affects people in their career and future relationships which make it difficult to figure out there identity to see the real them or the actual person they should be.
If you were a child and didn’t have materials your friends had, you might have become enviousness towards them. This usually happens during the teen years because the fact that teen likes to impress their peers and have attention, in other words “show-off”. You might have been in ...view middle of the document...

Then the neglected child will become resentful of other classmates, friends, family, or just anyone in particular. This child may want to become or want the same capabilities or just that attention they draw to as their classmates. Parents should avoid topics that deal with envy. (Menon and Star Toranto L6) Children that get neglected as children were neglected by their parents and don’t even think about the situation that they cause which this then leads the children to hatred or covetousness. This causes the abandoned children to show resentfulness and don’t know whether or not they are doing their job as a parent correctly. Also the child will tend to feel loneliness and suicidal or again criminal acts will be committed.
In relationships whether or not this could include marriages, it could be the male or female to be or have the same amount of jealousy towards others including friends or family members. The female would envy other women who has the better qualities, such as who has larger breasts or buttocks and who has the larger house or the most handsome man as their husband. These jealous women are most likely to show enviousness to their husband. They will argue with their men due to why they might have “checked-out” another women etc. As for males, they do tend to envy on other men due to who has the larger muscles, care, and other possessions. But they do tend to get jealous of when other...

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