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Enzyme Lab Report . Needs More In The Discussion Area.

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Properties of Enzymes: Peroxidase

Biology 1406-8011


In this experiment we did four different activities to compare the results of enzymes. The purpose of the first activity was to observe the effects of enzyme concentration by changing the amount of turnip extract. We began this experiment by using 7 test tubes. One of which was the control, three of them were substrates, and the other three were low, medium, and a high concentration of peroxidase. The substrate and low concentration mixture were then mixed and poured into a cuvette. We then put the cuvette in the spectrophotometer and the absorbance changes were recorded every 20 seconds for two minutes. The same procedure was used for the medium and high concentration peroxidase- substrate mixtures. We observed that the higher the concentration of peroxidase, the more absorbent the mixture was. In the second experiment we were experimenting how temperature can affect the activity of the peroxidase. Our purpose was to find the optimum temperature for peroxidase activity. We used eleven test tubes of different volumes of reagents and placed them in various temperatures of water baths to recognize how the different temperatures affected peroxidase activity. We noticed that as the temperature of the water bath increased the level of reaction decreased; therefore having an inverse relationship. The third experiment we were observing how the level of pH can affect the peroxidase. We used different levels of pH buffers mixed with the reagents and then measured the absorbance using the spectrophotometer. We know that pH affects how efficiently the substrate binds to the enzyme. In our experiment there wasn't much change in the different levels of pH. The final activity's purpose was to notice the effect of an inhibitor on peroxidase. We used hydroxylamine as the inhibitor, which resulted in fully deactivating the enzyme.


The purpose of this lab report is to better understand the relationship of the enzyme itself its reactions, and how anything can essentially affect the activity of the enzyme. The chemical reactions that we studied were under the control of a catalyst (also known as enzymes). An enzyme is a chemical agent that changes the rate of a reaction without being consumed by the reaction itself. Thus meaning the enzyme speeds up the reaction process tremendously. Almost all enzymes are proteins, and these proteins each have a unique shape called an active site. The active site is a specific area of an enzyme that binds the substrate by multiple weak interactions and forms the pocket in which catalysis occurs. This site determines its catalytic effects. Each active site of an enzyme binds to specific molecules and those molecules alone. After the reactant molecule binds with the active site it undergoes the modification called the substrate. A substrate is simply a reactant on...

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