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Ephedra Debate Essay

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Ephedra Based Supplements: Effective Fat Loss Agents or Dangerous Killers? Introduction Obesity in the United States is a problem of epic proportions. The burden obesity puts on the health care system costs taxpayers $78.5 billion annually and employers another $12 billion (Dixon, 2003). Many citizens will resort to over-the-counter (OTC) supplements or prescription weight loss pills to shed the fat. The most popular OTC fat loss pills are ones containing ephedra.Ephedra has received negative media coverage recently due to the deaths of professional athletes Korey Stringer and Steve Belcher. Both men died in training camps and had bottles of supplements containing the naturally occurring substance ephedra in their lockers. These circumstances have caused the U.S. Congress to review the pros and cons of ephedra use. If Congress concludes that ephedra poses an unnecessary risk to the population, then the sale and use of ephedra will become illegal. The supplements are currently available to anyone who wishes to purchase them. Ephedra is naturally occurring and can be derived from the Ma Haung plant (Dulloo, 2002). The main use for the substance is as a fat loss agent alone or when combined with aspirin and caffeine.The two most popular FDA approved drugs for fat loss are Xenical and Meridia (Read, 2002). Both, like ephedra, have side effects. Xenical works by preventing fat in the gastrointestinal tract from being absorbed by the body (Leung, 2002) and is relatively safe. Meridia functions in a different manner. Meridia reduces caloric intake by suppressing hunger in the user (Leung, 2002).This report will discuss whether the two currently FDA approved fat loss drugs are a better alternative to ephedra, thus justifying Congress? review. Since the outcome of Congress? decision could effect the health of millions of people, all aspects of effectiveness, cost, and safety will be discussed (Dulloo, 2002).Effectiveness The current prescription fat loss medications are quite effective. Subjects taking Xenical during a one year study lost just less than twenty pounds (Leung, 2002). This is caused by the 46.4% to 91.4% effectiveness of the gastrointestinal (GI) lipases inhibitors (Leung, 2002). This prevents the GI tract from metabolizing fat in the diet into a form useable by the body. By preventing dietary fat from being absorbed, Xenical reduces daily caloric intake. When a caloric deficit of 500 kcal per day is induced, users can lose approximately one pound of fat per week (Leung, 2002).Meridia takes a different approach to fat loss than Xenical. Meridia reduces the reuptake of the monoamines serotonin, noradrenaline, and dopamine (Leung, 2002). By blocking the reuptake of the monamines, they continue to circulate in the bloodstream, allowing the user to feel satisfied longer (Leung, 2002). Meridia users lost up to 12.54 pounds in the six month study (Leung, 2002). This is comparable to the twenty pounds lost by the Xenical patients in the year long...

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