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Numerous psychologists argue that two sorts of pleasures exist: consummatory, which is a "pleasure derived from satisfaction of desire; satiation" and appetitive which is a "pleasure derived from the pursuit of pleasure; anticipation" It is difficult to live a life without any pleasure and according to Epicureanism, one should pursue pleasures that have high quality, which last the longest, and make this their goal in life. Along with the Epicureans, I believe that it is natural for humans to prioritize their search for the pleasant life, which includes needs that are natural and necessary such as food and shelter as well as natural needs that are not necessary like sexual indulgence. Their philosophy does not comprise of needs that are both unnatural and unnecessary such as wealth and extreme luxury because they believe that by giving in to these kinds of pleasures, failure, illness and disappointment are inevitable in one's life.Epicurus says "Barley cakes and water provide the highest pleasure when someone in want takes them." However, most people consider caviar and champagne to be essentially more pleasurable than barley cakes and water. If this were the case, then "driving a Ferrari, living in a beautiful mansion on the Bridle Path, and wearing the finest designer clothes (are) intrinsically more pleasurable than driving a rusty '81 Toyota, living in a low rent apartment, and wearing hand-me-down clothes." Alternatively, I believe that there are different variations of pleasure and each and every one of us has different ideas of what pleasure is. Therefore, driving an expensive car, owning a colossal house and wearing the most fashionable clothes may be pleasurable to one, but not another. Moreover, I agree that these examples of pleasure fall into the category of 'unnatural and unnecessary', according to Epicureanism. We do not need these things to provide happiness in our lives, and I feel that the barley cakes and water are adequate so long as one makes the most of it.It is fair to say that pleasure and enjoyment is a pungent motivator and attraction in our lives nevertheless, I believe that there exists a limit as to how much one should have. Although the fame and the money seems appealing to most, it is not always the equation to a pleasurable and happy life. "About fame: Look at the lives of those who seek fame, observe what they are, and what kind of things they avoid, and what kind of things they pursue." Are they content? As a young adult, I confess that the lives of Britney Spears and Charlize Theron have a certain allure to it, nonetheless, I also know that these two well-known ladies have to put up with negative aspects of their lives such as the paparazzi and the tabloids. As much as they pretend to be unconcerned with the hundreds of rumors and the thousands of embarrassing pictures that the rest of the world is exposed to, I do not believe that anyone could be unaffected by some of the cruel things that have been revealed...

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