Epidural And Its Side Effects Essay

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On a beautiful winter morning my family and I received the call that my cousin was in labor for the fourth time! Unfortunately, she was in Florida and we were in Utah so we could nor run to the hospital but we did have a cellphone. That helped us received very frequent updates on her status. We were told that my cousin was experiencing a lot more discomfort and pain than before so she requested an epidural. After, she had dilated about 4 cm she was given the epidural. Ultimately, the epidural helped cease the pain and it was time for the baby to arrive. Although, the epidural is good at relieving pain it can have its negative effects. Besides, discussing the epidural as a pain reliever ...view middle of the document...

Right after a needle will be inserted which is in preparation of the placement of the catheter. When the tube is in place the needle will be removed. Medicine will go through the tube when needed through the delivery ("Epidural Anesthesia", 2014”). For me going close to my spinal cord can be risky. Anything that goes wrong while inserting the needle or the catheter can result in serious consequences in my perspective because you are dealing with the spinal cord. Although, this is my belief others may not feel the same way.
We should know that taking any kind of medication can have its significant side effects. One negative side effect to the epidural is low blood pressure (Hypotension) in the mother. Almost one-third of women who suffer from low blood pressured have been said to have this side effect during labor. Having this condition is serious because it causes blood not to properly flow to the baby. This is because the blood is pooling instead of pumping throughout her body. During the fetuses life in the womb and through delivery proper flow is required for its organs to function and develop properly, especially the brain. If the baby does not get the oxygen it needs it can die or have severe consequences. Since, contractions already limit the oxygen the uterus receives a good blood flow is crucial to avoid any further complications and minimize risk for both the mother and the baby (Mehl-Madrona, 2014).
Another problem is the increase in labor time. According to a study, women who used this medication took averaged and additional “two to three hours” compared to those who did not (Gholipour, 2014). This is an overall statistic on all women whether it was their first child or not. Separating this two types of mothers makes no difference in the increase labor time when they used the epidural. First time mothers took 336 minutes compared to 197 minutes for first time mother who did not use and epidural. A slight change occurred for mothers who had previously given birth. For epidural usage mothers labor was 225 and 81 minutes without (Gholipour, 2014)”
This two statistics clearly show the correlation that using and epidural has with the increase time during labor. I myself have not had children but I know that the least I can be in discomfort the happier I am. At least for me I...

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