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Epistemology: Reflecting On Knowledge Essay

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Truth and beliefs contribute in building the knowledge of a person. Cogent reasons for the beliefs convert the beliefs into knowledge. However, sometimes the beliefs are actually assumption, so they may be wrong. Truth is the facts known from different sources. Something can be considered as knowledge, only if it is true. The word epistemology refers to studying the source of knowledge. The epistemology helps in understanding the process of development of knowledge, sources of knowledge and makes distinctions between belief and actual truth. I critically examined and analyzed the origin and the process of acquiring the knowledge for the two essays I wrote earlier. One essay, an analytical one, was written on the subject of increasing prison population and improper justice system. The second essay was written on the subject of human resource management. To develop the knowledge and understanding I demonstrated in the essays, I had to search for resources, rationalize the information gained and evaluate it in conjunction with my personal beliefs.
Just as a giant tree grows from a small seed, often vast amount of knowledge is acquired by working on a small idea or fact. I had read an article on increasing prison population sometime back. The article explained about the graph of the prison population in United States in the last decade. It also had discussed the factors responsible for the prominent increase in US prison population. The analytical assignment asked for writing an essay on any contemporary social or cultural issue which is relevant within today’s context and at that time, the idea of writing on increasing prison population smashed in my mind. As I had little knowledge about the issue, I searched on the topic in the library and on the Internet. Some of them were news articles, some were books and some were reports of the governments. It was elucidated after research that many nations faced this issue in recent times.
Another essay which I wrote was on the various aspects of Human Resource Management discipline. I am interested in pursuing the Human Resource Management course, and I knew the facts that human resource department is an essential part of any organization as management of employees is crucial for tranquil functioning of its operations and career in human resource management is rewarding. However, now I found this understanding very inadequate after undergoing the thorough research on the human resource careers. I referred Occupational Outlook Handbook, few books and online resources. I also interviewed a teacher of HR management about the scope of the discipline. Occupational Outlook Handbook is published by government each year. The books I referred were written by the human resource management professional, and I referred the course introduction page of many universities on their websites. This helped me understanding about the field from various perspectives, like educational and professional.
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