Equal Opportunities In Employment Historical Analysis

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Equal Opportunities in EmploymentHistorical AnalysisThere have been many changes in legislation concerning equal employment opportunities. These are mostly an attempt to protect minorities from discrimination in the workplace. In this paper we will examine some of the laws that have been put in place, their purpose, origins and limitations. The United States of America is a country in which there exists, in theory, an environment where people are free to own their own businesses without government intervention. There are however, various exceptions where the government steps in. One way in particular is with regards to the protection of minority groups.One of the barriers against employee discrimination came in the form of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which prohibited employment discrimination because of race, color, religion, sex, or national origin. One of the earliest movements towards the advancement of this cause occurred in 1962, when a man named Cesar Chaves decided to organize the migrant laborers of the California grape farms. Most, though not all of the farm workers he rallied, including himself, were Hispanics. These families had to subsist on average yearly salaries of about $2000 per year, barely enough to survive. It took this ragtag group of migrant worker about three years to make themselves heard, and in 1965 they finally went on strike in a movement known as La Causa . This nonviolent strike lasted three years, and it culminated in the creation of the Farm Workers Union.Around this same time sanitation workers in Tennessee went on strike to protest the unfair treatment they felt they were receiving. They felt they were being mistreated because during a period of bad weather, a group of black workers was sent home without pay, while white workers were permitted to continue working and receiving compensation. Despite the efforts of the striking workers, no resolution was reached. This case was to become an enormously famous situation, world renown, when the revered Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., arriving in Memphis to lead a march on the sanitation worker's behalf, was assassinated at his motel.Years later, the Civil Rights Division in California filed a suit against the San Diego Fire Department seeking resolution against employment discrimination against women. These efforts of the Civil Rights Division resulted in opening doors for women in fields traditionally held by men, such as police officer and correctional officer .It is greatly on the part of these motivated groups of people that much of the legislation against discrimination has been enacted. In charge of fighting this sort of discrimination against minorities is the Department of Justice. The Equal Employment Opportunities Commission (EEOC) is in charge of regulating the work environment. The EEOC is responsible for enforcing the laws that have been passed into effect which apply both to private employers as well as the Federal Government. Various laws have been put...

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