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"Equal Pay" Essay

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A current political issue in the United States is unequal payment based on the sex of the one who is employed. Rick McKee uses he editorial cartoon, “Equal Pay,” to indirectly characterize our current president, and create some irony around the whole topic of inequality in paychecks. McKee intends to reach all possible viewers/voters to make the president appear to have some hypocrisy to create some irony surrounding the president and his people-pleasing executive orders. The moral points in this piece of artwork are: if someone wants others to change they should change first, one cannot blame their mistakes on someone else, and be humble. The main purposes of this satirical cartoon is to criticize the current president’s lack of knowledge of the issue of unequal pay going on even with those that work for him, and his attitude of a hypocrite to blame what he is in charge of on other people.
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The artist uses Obama’s lack of knowledge that those people work of him to allow him to respond and blame it on someone else. This characterization can also be seen as Obama attempting to get votes because more women tend to vote Democrat than Republican. The specificity of the details included by McKee contributes to the overall theme of the drawing.
The elaborate details in the cartoon create the theme of Obama’s obliviousness to common issues, and his hypocrisy. The Executive Order that Obama is holding and showing to the women in the cartoon characterizes him to appear to be prepared to say, “Oh, I have done something about it.” This characterization of him can seem to be very prideful in a sense that he is glad to say he did something whether or not it works. His pride is also shown in his answer to the women saying, “No need to worry ladies! This executive order will make those evil Republicans pay you the same as men.” The cartoonist portrays Obama as not having the slightest clue that he is the one, a democrat, who is paying them unfairly. McKee’s answer for Obama in this situation is to point the finger at someone else so that he doesn’t get blamed for it. The advisor/assistant’s actions toward Obama of telling him they work for him, and handing him the paper with the headline pointing out that men and women are not paid the same in the White House create a sack full of irony. The fact that is given in the paper that there is not equal pay in the White House, Democratic, right after Obama blames the inequality on the “evil Republicans” shows the president’s ability to lie and do what he must to keep people’s perception of him positive. McKee uses the paper to falsify what Obama is telling the women. A thought is also stirred about that if the executive order was actually making a difference then why is it still a headline in the paper about unequal payments. This cartoon’s irony about and characterization of President Obama is shown through Rick McKee’s artistry of adding small details here and there.
Rick McKee uses many different items to create an overall theme of a hypocritical president and to characterize our current president, Barack Obama, in his steps or lack thereof towards our nation’s problems of unequal pay based on sex instead of work.

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