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Equality: Advantage And Consequence Essay

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Equality has never been something that comes easy to us and usually doesn’t come without a price. Many times, there have been great sacrifices by many in order to achieve one common goal. Whether it be women’s suffrage or the black civil rights movements, it took many people to accomplish what they did. But with all differences aside, people as a whole are still not always equal. Although there have been attempts at creating this type of atmosphere, it seems that there are always just enough bumps in the road to throw everything off course. But what are the advantages to this type of society and how significant are they? Is it worth the same struggles that others have gone through for their ...view middle of the document...

Of course, some advantages can’t be argued because there is no bad side to it. If everyone were given the same amount of food according to their need so that no one could gorge themselves while others starved then that would be wonderful. However, if we were all to receive the same as everybody else, no matter what, could that extinguish any morale or drive to work harder? In some ways, being unequal to someone can actual push you to do better. For example, let’s say that you have, what would be today, a minimum wage job. It doesn’t require many skills or hours, but you are still paid the same wages as the other employees that do more complicated tasks for longer periods of time. Would we try to get a promotion if we’re earning exactly the same? Or what about the level of equality portrayed in 2081? By handicapping everyone to the same level of intelligence, strength, and even beauty, the cast out any potential for progress in many types of innovation. This may have even been the purpose of handicapping. But since any diversity among the people was basically erased, then free thinking and development were halted as well. So should everyone be bound to the same abilities...

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