Equality, An Essay About Technology

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Nausea. To describe the whole situation in one word I would have to choosenausea. The Expo center was packed with societies elite, eagerly waiting theannouncement of what the rumor mill had told them to be the most important inventionof the decade. The air was cold and damp, like that of a hospital. Barley audible was themost annoying Michael Bolton song that I could imagine. As I got entranced by thedullness of the situation I noticed that the lights were slowly getting dimmer. As MichaelBolton's voice became silent, Dr. Zimmerman spherical body came waddling out.Dr. Zimmerman was a very large, gluttonous man. I had worked with him manytimes, and I had lost more than one of my ideas to his fat hands. He was ruthless,unemotional, and conscienceless; the perfect scientist. He painstakingly climbed ontothe two foot platform in front of the podium, making a little grunt that accidentally foundits way into the microphone. 'Hello? Can you guys hear me in the back?' He gurgled inhis natural grotesque voice. With the acknowledgment of the audience, he sipped theglass of ice water which stood on the podium and cleared his throat. 'Ladies andGentlemen, I am here to inform you of a discovery that my team of genetic scientist andI have discovered.' The more he said the more I wanted to hear. I wanted to shout tomake him blurt it out, but it was impossible to speed him up, attention was the reasonwhy he became a scientist. He didn't care about the effects of his discoveries, as long ashe packed the expo center the next weekend. 'The quest toward perfection is finallyover. Your unborn children now have the opportunity to be everything you ever wantedthem to be!' A large blue vein slowly became visible through his cherry red forehead.'Birth defects are a thing of the past.' Suddenly the severity of the situation slammedinto me like a subway train. 'There will be no such thing as an imperfect child!' Thesound of flapping mucus in his throat was almost unbearable. The applause began, Iknew it wouldn't stop for at least ten minutes because Dr. Zimmerman wouldn't let it. Iran to the bathroom to think about what had just happened.Dr. Zimmerman was referring to the G.A.M. project, Genetic Alterations forMankind. The team of four was lead by him. The goal was to alter DNA of freshlyfertilized embryos, to control every one of their physical and mental traits. We all workedwith the idea that our progress would be put to prevent defects and genetic diseases. Asour hypothesizes became facts, Dr. Zimmerman started to act strange in the lab. Hebegan taking second copies of all of the data, and putting it in a large manila folderwhich he placed under the Dunkin' Donuts box that permanently stood on the corner ofhis desk. A week before our completion of the experiment, I decided to confront him.'Dr. Zimmerman, can I talk to you in private for a moment?', I asked like aschool boy asking his teacher for a bathroom pass. When he agreed, I briskly followedhim into his office....

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