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The farther and farther into the future we go we see how the national government picks up more power and prestige which used to lie in state government. As history changed so did the government and it's citizens. While the nation grew stronger so did the people. They fought for their rights, for freedom and equality. Without the government they could not achieve such rights, and a government without it's citizens is like a pencil without lead, pointless. A government's duty is to create a nation of equality for it's citizens. It's citizen's duty is to point out the government's faults and grievances in such a manner that will promote remodeling. Without an equal balance of duties between the two, both would fail.
A government should strive to keep it's people happy, to keep them happy the nation should be an equal playing ground for everybody. The “Declaration of Independence” states that “...all men are created equal...” (Jefferson), but we know that is not true. Even today, we are far from equality. The meaning of “all men” was supposed to be used for everyone, disregarding gender and race. Realistically, “all men” translates to all white men in the nation. By creating an uneven nation the government upsets it's people. If the government fails to keep everyone happy it cannot survive. The people have constant chances to change their government if they don't approve of what it is doing, so by the government not fulfilling it's people's needs it ultimately fails and is replaced by new, more effective leaders.
While the government has a duty to it's citizens, the citizen's must also fulfill a duty to keep the government running smoothly and effectively. It is the people's job to point out the grievances they have towards the government so they can be fixed. If the people don't voice their opinion the nations leaders will have a false sense of thinking everything is going smoothly. As in Martin Luther King Jr.'s I Have a Dream speech he quotes the “Declaration of Independence” and states how America has went back on it's promise and has “...given the Negro people a bad check” (King). He never comes out and calls on the government to fix the problems he states, but by naming his grievances he airs out what is wrong in the nation. This gives the government the opportunity to change to, again, create the equal playing field. King uses powerful and firm language to support his cause yet structures his argument in a way that supports transformation and equality. He doesn't use his cause to slander officials or misguide the public into his cause. If people voice their thoughts and grievances change can be achieved. By coming together, and non-maliciously promoting their ideas the government receives an accurate...

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