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Today, Canada is known around the world as a cultural mosaic. As a nation it welcomes people of both sexes with all different beliefs, cultures, and religions. Creating a mature nation would require promoting equality of opportunity to all and giving help to those who were disadvantaged. However, Canada has not always been a welcoming and mature nation. In the past, women were not allowed to vote alongside men or run for political positions, due to the fact that they were not considered “persons”. As well, Aboriginal children were stipped from their homes, families, and identities so that they could assimilate all First Nations people. During the last century, women have gained more political rights, gained more respect from society, and Aboriginal people have been compensated for their terrible past.

For Canada to become a fully mature nation, it needs equality among both genders, women’s rights should be equal to men’s rights. At the beginning of the twentieth century, Canadian women were subordinate to Canadian men, not only in politics, but in most aspects of living. Most men believed that women were not able to accomplish anything a man could, or be wise enough to vote. In 1914, Manitoba Premier Sir Rodmond Roblin said that “the majority of women are emotional, and if given the franchise would be a menace rather than an aid." (Women Get The Vote ) Seeing that this man was in an authoritative position, his statement was an example of a typical and common viewpoint at the time. Many men agreed with him, and Canadian society did not legally allow women all the rights men had. Women made up a majority of the Canadian population, yet they did not have the right to vote, which made Canada an immature society at this time. By 1914 the movement was in full swing, even though Canada still lagged behind other countries (Women Get the Vote). Eventually, more men started to stand alongside women in their movement to get the right to vote. In 1918, Canadian women legally earned the right to vote in federal elections. After women gained this right, some decided to run for political positions. 31 year old Agnes Macphail, became the first women elected into the House of Commons (Milestones for Canadian Women in Politics). In 1921, during her campaign she said “I want for myself what I want for other women, absolute equality.” (Milestones for Canadian Women in Politics) She was a monumental figure for all Canadian women to realize that had the same say as men do and can be leaders if they desire to do so.

Women being able to vote was a huge step forward for Canadian women, but even though they could run for certain political positions, they could not be Senators. During the early twentieth century women were not legally considered “persons” and could not be Senators (Women become Persons). This act of exclusion portrayed Canada as an immature nation. A milestone with significant importance occurred in the Persons Case. The first constitution of...

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