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Equality And Superiority Essay

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It is very disturbing to the human mind, particularly here in Canada, to suggest that one group of people is superior to another. Perhaps this is so because in the past the belief that one group of people is inferior to another has led many nations to have different groups of organizations that are racial, cultural, or national within them. Many of us have become deeply committed to the idea of equality, and it has become a goal and moral virtue which we all strive for; however, there is something mistaken with this belief and attitude in equality as a means of attaining a greater good, a greater morality. Our idea of equality all began first when Thomas Jefferson said that "all men are created equal"; the fights and arguments about equality followed after that. Inequality is most apparent in our human nature of everyday lives, our nation, and the media. Sometimes we insist on equality as a standard and a virtue in life. Equality, however, is not a virtue. There is inequality everywhere. And this is a fact. But why this inequality even exists is another question. It's the human belief which creates a deceptive impression about life, which inturn, makes human follow a path of that is all wrong. In other words, a path that is completely fasle. Why false? Why not truth? I don't say belief is always false; but in the battle of belief and truth it's the belief which always wins. So, belief in one way is the cause for inequality. Now, if the society believes in inequality, racism of course takes birth. With racism, inequality among people takes place. There are many kinds of inequality among people. There is discrimination on account of caste, religion and many more. How do we know all this? Well it's right in the media, right infront of our eyes. Media, in one way, is the reflection of our own society. So, does it just show what is going on in the world? No, I can beg to differ. Media has a lot to do with inequailty in a society also. The producers of the tv channels are not interested in what is good for the society; they are interested in what is good for them. So what is equality? The ultimate source of equality is when any society starts thinking about others. If everyone did unto others as they would like them to do unto themselves, then equailty might start to exist in this world. No society has equality, but every society should always strive for equality. One of the most important reason we have inequality is because of our own belief. Belief is stronger than the truth. "What each man wishes, for himself, he believes it to be the truth," was once said by a politian. Perhaps it was in the past that the belief of one group of people was that they were inferior to another group that ultimately lead to the birth of inequality, racism, and discrimination. Racism is on this earth more or less because of our own personal belief. A lot of white men believe that the African American are dumb or stupid. This creates inequality...

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